Fundraiser to publish my 1st book !!!!

2014-11-27 14-51-28.847Thank you for supporting my blog for the last few years. Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Please consider donating to my online fundraiser on my fundly website; or via my paypal account via the button below.

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Any amount is appreciated! My goal is 25k and I am far from it but I have faith I will make it ! Shout out to GlobalMusic4 Life Inc for supporting my blog for the past year! Now I want to take my work to the next level and do international volunteer work while writing books and of course blogging about life, medicine, technology, and everything I can squeeze in! My volunteer work will consist of teaching English as a second language and learning about medicine and natural remedies from people across the globe. I am hoping I can sell the book and earn enough to live very simply off the profits while keeping on top of my American financial responsibilities.

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