Go vote, but only once

Please go vote in the midterms, but only once. (Chicago joke)

Skip the hopefully long lines and do it now, do it early. On the way from home, on the way to the gym, whatever! Go vote!

You don’t think it makes a difference? You do not “like” who ever is running? No one is into the one or two or even ten political subjects you care about. I do not care! Find out who is running, look them up, see videos of them speaking, and decide on who is the best fit. God is not running for office and neither are you ( probably). Therefore the perfect candidate does not exist. So vote for the one who meets your needs best.

No, I do not vote along party lines. No, I don’t automatically vote for people who “Look” like me. Although, the sister in Georgia running for govenor would have to have more against her than 200k in student loan debt. Heck to me that says she put herself through college and is working her but off to pay it all back. That sounds familiar to me!

Look into the judges and other local candidates. here in Cook County, there are people who are running with no one running against them, like Tom Dart, cook county sheriff. They need to also be held accountable, I am not sure how but I am thinking on it. Many judges once in just get a yes or no vote. Was there a particular case that riled you up? Look up the judge. Was he or she fair and impartial or a jackal who took the law into his or her own hands? Something in the middle? Maybe they should get a bunch of no’s.

Discuss, with your friends, maybe not your co-workers, the local candidates. Maybe they know something you do not. Maybe you can inform them. Be active! Go to town hall meetings and get some face time with the people running for office. Look up the incumbent’s records. It is all on the web!!!!  Did they vote on a lot of items that you are wary off? Hot button issues like abortion, medical care, TIFF money, public policy, do they side with their party like brainless sheep or are they bipartisan?

These are things you need to know! Treat your vote like it is something important. Treat it like your life, money, health, future all depended on it. It does.

Vote early. I went in and my name was not on the “list” I rolled my eyes and said I would be back! I went home and got the sheet they send you from the election board and showed it to the lady. Magically, things got done. Now if there were a line and crowds, it would have been a big issue. I am glad I drove but I would have been back on the bus if needed. Vote early to get it over with, to be counted early, to do it quickly, and to eliminate any issues that may arise.

Who did I vote for? The best candidates for me. You should do the same.




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