Go vote, but only once

Please go vote in the midterms, but only once. (Chicago joke)

Skip the hopefully long lines and do it now, do it early. On the way from home, on the way to the gym, whatever! Go vote!

You don’t think it makes a difference? You do not “like” who ever is running? No one is into the one or two or even ten political subjects you care about. I do not care! Find out who is running, look them up, see videos of them speaking, and decide on who is the best fit. God is not running for office and neither are you ( probably). Therefore the perfect candidate does not exist. So vote for the one who meets your needs best.

No, I do not vote along party lines. No, I don’t automatically vote for people who “Look” like me. Although, the sister in Georgia running for govenor would have to have more against her than 200k in student loan debt. Heck to me that says she put herself through college and is working her but off to pay it all back. That sounds familiar to me!

Look into the judges and other local candidates. here in Cook County, there are people who are running with no one running against them, like Tom Dart, cook county sheriff. They need to also be held accountable, I am not sure how but I am thinking on it. Many judges once in just get a yes or no vote. Was there a particular case that riled you up? Look up the judge. Was he or she fair and impartial or a jackal who took the law into his or her own hands? Something in the middle? Maybe they should get a bunch of no’s.

Discuss, with your friends, maybe not your co-workers, the local candidates. Maybe they know something you do not. Maybe you can inform them. Be active! Go to town hall meetings and get some face time with the people running for office. Look up the incumbent’s records. It is all on the web!!!!  Did they vote on a lot of items that you are wary off? Hot button issues like abortion, medical care, TIFF money, public policy, do they side with their party like brainless sheep or are they bipartisan?

These are things you need to know! Treat your vote like it is something important. Treat it like your life, money, health, future all depended on it. It does.

Vote early. I went in and my name was not on the “list” I rolled my eyes and said I would be back! I went home and got the sheet they send you from the election board and showed it to the lady. Magically, things got done. Now if there were a line and crowds, it would have been a big issue. I am glad I drove but I would have been back on the bus if needed. Vote early to get it over with, to be counted early, to do it quickly, and to eliminate any issues that may arise.

Who did I vote for? The best candidates for me. You should do the same.




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Working on new blogs… but in the meantime..

I am working on new blogs. This year has been a hard one. I am trying to figure out how to thinking in redmonetize my site without a lot of annoying ads where you have to keep clicking to read. That annoys me to no end but I understand someone out there is trying to turn a buck. I just wish the writing was a bit better. Make it funny or informative. I would rather hear about your job at the post office in funny short stories than read fake stuff like ” 20 ways to please your man!”

Oh well to each his own. I am doing a bit of study and research and working on a novel.

In the meantime, I will put some of my older blogs on, just to keep in touch. I have over 1200.. blogging seems easier than book writing, I only have 4 of those and they were as a ghost writer. This time, my name goes on my work.

I am up for ideas and suggestions.

In any case,

Love and Light,


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American Citizenship for sale….

photo_1 (3)


Ok I am going to rant a bit. For those of you who want something funny please turn away and look at some of the older posts.

rules to get in

The employment fifth precedence or EB-5 is a law enacted in the late 90’s that allows up to 10, 000 wealthy people to buy their way to US citizenship. If you can come up with 500k and start a business that will hire at least 10 people in 2 years come on down! I am told this is not unusual. This is how a lot of investment groups get loot to build fancy shmancy buildings and development properties.  It is what countries do to attract rich people and frankly rich natives are running away and we have to replace them – I guess.

In New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and elsewhere the developers who use this money are supposed to put the new businesses in economically under served areas. Where there is a loop hole. There always is. And now, recently, all 10k of those spots have been spoken for. A lot of them of wealthy, new rich, Chinese people and Asian people who want American citizenship. Why? If you are rich, living anywhere is awesome right?

Well maybe the Chinese are trying to escape the filthy air and water their sweatshops and polluting manufacturing plants have created. The capital is closed down today because the air is 12 times more polluted than safe. Ok to me it looks like LA on a bad day but still. It is man made pollution and many of the wealthy who benefit from those plants can come to America! for the low low price of 500 k! Hell, there are dogs that they pay more for than that! I think if you country is polluted because of your business you need to stay there and breathe the poison fog in along with the poor and working class folks.

In the great scheme of thing 10,000 rich folks may be good. However, these people are tearing real estate prices up! 20 million for a condo in NYC and the rents in San Francisco, Manhattan, Chicago, are crazy. I just saw a small one bedroom for 3k a month. That’s in downtown Chicago. That is mortgage money. Or money for a rich kid to have his own crib while mum and dad jetset. The average American does not make 9k a month so that isn’t for them. That is ok. However, the EB5 money is supposed to help build up poorer areas. The result is gentrified fringe areas, like Bronzeville and Logan Square areas in Chicago and Brooklyn in New York. It results in pre-existing tenants being shit out of luck when it comes to keeping their homes. The taxes and rents go up. The only folks who can stay are rich, children of the rich, and maybe people sneaking and doing airbnb rentals so they can make their rent. ( I love airbnb for the most part, but it is being outlawed in some of the ritzy buildings… how do they think a secretary making 58 k a year affords 36k rent… she goes to her boyfriends every weekend and rents out the place for 500 a weekend)

So those are two points… naughty industrialist escaping the pollution they created, the rental and housing market going crazy. Now here’s another, given that people go through stringent back ground checks and they are given 2 year visas and if they haven’t created 10 jobs and invested 500k they have to go or find another way to stay.

What about the t word? Terrorist from afar are well funded. Hmmmm? If you do not have a criminal record and you have some loot you can come on in. While we worry about Syrians who may bring in an ISIL lover along unknowingly, how can we be sure these guys aren’t bent on destruction. As the recent events have shown even American born citizens can turn, and you can do a lot of damage in 2 years.

I am on the fence. I am all for bringing in jobs. I am pro immigration as long as it is legal. However, I do worry about someone evil slipping through the cracks. It seems most people who sympathize with ISIL have clean back grounds and just get into the jihadist movement for whatever political, psychological, or ? reason they have. We have enough KKK, KKK knockoffs, Nazi wanna be’s and anti government nuts here we don’t need incoming madness.

According to my research, you have to have a green card in good standing for 5 years to become a citizen. 140,000 visas for permanent employment. This is often people like doctors from India, Computer scientists, heck folks in the STEM fields and the like. 70,000 refugees are allowed in, this year maybe 80k because of the horror in Syria. Then there are 480k family visas. Maybe someone came here and got married, or became a citizen and asked for their foreign spouse to come in. Then there are 55k “diversity” visas, which are for people from countries where the people don’t usually migrate to America. Why? Well, because we love diversity. Well at least on paper.

So, 10, 000 rich folks out of 755-765k visa’s allowed isn’t such a big deal now that I think about it. We do need to be choosy however. Make sure the funds help bring real jobs in impoverished areas not temp jobs in construction. Make sure that people are who they say they are.

I guess we should just do our due diligence and relax.

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Long Day into night…

It has been a long day. As I write this, I have spent 10 hours working on websites, 5 hours writing , and hours and hours trying to fix various business issues. I haven’t been asleep since yesterday at 7am.


But that is the life of an entrepreneur.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Ok one or two things. More money and two assistants. Yes two. One for day and one for night. I used to have one but I worked the child so hard she left me and joined the army. She says there she gets to rest. LOL

I like to put current pics of me up but you guys don’t need to see me like this, not today. My only saving grace is my night gown is new albeit not fresh after hours of wear and me exercising on my bike when my brain seemed like she wanted to stop. No rest for the wicked huh?

Apparently, I have been a bad bad girl. Oh well.

Good Morning Melissaweblog friends, may your Friday be a blessed one.

Lissa2015-02-01 00-43-23.256


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Cimavax and the quest for new meds


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Hello there,

It is 1: 07 am here in Chicago and I can not sleep so I thought I would write;or rather rant. For years people have been discussing the medical benefits of this or that herbal remedy. Some herbs are widely used like golden seal tea and St. John’s wort. While others like tiger lily root are rare and hard to find.

Cimavax is not an herb. It is a pharmaceutical drug designed in Cuba. It is for the treatment of lung cancer. The irony that it is from a small country known the world over for it’s cigars is not lost on me. The fact that we can’t get this 1 cuban dollar a shot drug to our people dying of lung cancer scares, annoys, and frankly pisses me off to no end. We have a 50 plus year trade embargo against the country and yes dear friend that includes drugs. Our bureaucratic red tape loving selves could never streamline a process ever. Lean six sigma is for profitable businesses with angry demanding shareholders, not us soft bellied voters.

For decades, natural remedies and inexpensive remedies have been held back from the general public. The FDA, the government, who ever you care to place blame on – including us voters, allows everything to work really slow. Our’s is a giant self replicating beast. If your job is to do something, it almost beseeches you to do it slowly, make it look difficult, and put blocks up. After all, in America the litigious, – and the beautiful, we get up in arms when ever something goes wrong.

And it can go wrong. It often does. How many deformed and maimed babies from drugs that were once thought to be safe? Now we don’t even lie about it. Have you seen the commercials for medicines these days? The side effects and fine print on one actually made me laugh… If you need to stop smoking take this pill but it may make you suicidal, nauseous, oily stool, irritated, etc etc… Hell just go outside and have a puff and ween yourself off the old fashioned way…  Another commercial was for constipation. One of the side effects was cramping, blood clots, irregular breathing, just to name a few. I can’t name them all, we will be here all day!  I wanted to scream eat some prunes and drink some green tea, try that dieters green tea… you will go my friend, you will go.

However lung cancer and diseases of its caliber are no laughing matter. And although there has yet to be named a full fledged cure for it, this so called vaccine, cimavax, has been tested on 5000 people world wide. It’s efficacy seems sound and now there are agencies in America itching to get approval to test it.

Hmmm, 1 cuban dollar a shot to help resolve lung cancer. I’ll take it. I’d sign the waiver, promise not to sue, and pray that  hopefully it will not make me crazy like accutane, or certain sleep aids, and many others. The problem is, and here is where I rant, the cure is not profitable. The treatment is. Years ago, I was misdiagnosed with cancer and did one round of chemo. That was some harsh stuff. I tend to think if there was some tropical rainforest tea that I could have sipped on for 1.00 a serving, it would not have been offered to me. I love doctors. However they are taught to be doctors. You should see how many of my friends with M.D. behind their names publicly scoff at chiropractors, naturopaths, and the like. They have a sense of elitism and a semi God complex. They are also folks with 200k student loans and 500k homes and kids in private schools. For the most part they want to be the doctor. $225 a visit for 7 minutes and I am still sick.. hmm nice racket. It is necessary, and I appreciate the hard work they put in. Some have a calling as healers and would do it for free. Even the naysayers have cabinets full of herbal medicines, their own chiropractors, and acupuncturists. They know the alternative medicine works. They just have a vested interest in us using them first…

In the our world, especially in a capitalist country like U.S.A., it is hard to promote something cheap and helpful. One of my M.D.’s is also a ND. He prescribed all of this herbal stuff I thought was nonsense. Worse yet, very expensive nonsense. He owned the store I got it from, it was more expensive than my prescriptions because it wasn’t covered by insurance.

I scoffed at him for hustling me. However time proved him right and me wrong. Now I have ditched a lot of my “dope” in exchange for “herbs”. More natural ways of calming this, soothing that, helping everything. Yes weight loss helps, so does exercise, and yoga for fat gals, but not sucking down poison pills all day was amazing.

I still take some of my meds. I am “weening ” myself off of them as I try to lose weight and eat healthier and exercise more. I am not saying eat cinnamon and apple cider vinegar and skip the insulin. Let’s not go crazy. I am also not saying that I do not appreciate the fact that the FDA in all of it’s red taped glory doesn’t work hard to protect us. I am just ranting while I wait for my natural sleep remedy to kick in.

And wondering… If we had national healthcare, would we have better or worse access to more natural medicines?

What’s your take?

Let me know!

I am at: askmelissa@melissaweblog.com


Love and light,



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Tax season rant

My Current Rant


 ….your paycheck should cover basic expenses if you are working fulltimeei2

Ok please no hate mail. I love you, love me back! No? Ok bite me then. I am getting ready to piss a few folks off. Sorry in advance. Sometimes the voices in my head demand I write things down.


Rant of the day… I may change my mind tomorrow but today…

I think that the Earned Income Tax Credit should be removed

What? I can feel your stare already. Let me explain.

The Earned income tax credit is a credit. That is code for free money. I don’t really believe in free money. I do not believe in a welfare state. I am a Christian. I do believe in helping the less fortunate. I promise I do. I am, however, into the whole “give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for life”.






Punished for working harder?

What am I getting at? You want the specifics? I do not believe in giving a credit to people that is unearned. No, I have thought about it. I am not talking out of the side of my neck. I have had foster children and got that big juicy check at the beginning of the year. It helped, a lot. It was like Christmas in February. Uncle Sam saw I was struggling taking care of my siblings and hooked me up!


Many poor people, especially single moms depend on income tax refunds. There are people all over America who use that money to get into a new apartment, buy a used car, pay off credit cards, and take a small vacation. It usually runs from 1k to 6k, depending on how much you earned and how many kids you have. If you make over a certain amount you get nothing, if you have no kids you usually do not qualify as well.

…Here’s the rub

  1. Why should the government reward you for having kids you can’t afford? People who made sure they had good work and good partners don’t get it why should you? Yes we have all had hard times to different extents but it is kind of an award for irresponsible behavior.
  2. Why is the cutoff so low? A single parent who busted his or her tail feathers making 50k should get the freebie from Uncle Sam – same as the chic who works part time or not at all. You have to make something but not too much… this helps further forward the welfare mentality. I have associates who actually DO not do extra work because they know it will knock down their earned income check… seriously.
  3. It supports big business and creates a corporate welfare state

Let’s get into #3 more because I don’t stress about 1-2 much.

Large super corporations get to pay low wages in the name of “Shareholder value” aka screwing small guys for the benefit of a few rich guys

Low wages means now these folks, some who actually work full time, qualify for Medicaid, SNAP aka food stamps, section 8 housing vouchers, and yeppers, the Earned income tax credit, and child tax credit.

My thought is, and I am not the first to have it, instead of the government allowing the taxpayers to be pimped by large corporations ( which hold many of the legal protections as a human and in some cases better protections) we should have a nationwide minimum wage. Let’s say 22.00. Knock out all of the extraneous taxes like taxes on food and that is enough for you to take care of a small family humbly in America. (Well outside of NY and San Fran)

Whoa!!!! You don’t want to pay 20 bucks for a McDonald’s hamburger? You won’t because no one will.

The stock exchange may show out a bit but it will be ok. Companies can make a profit without creating a working underclass.


 ( You shouldn’t only be making 14k working full time )

Walmart, McDonalds, etc.,  should extend their health care to all employees. I certainly want the folks flipping burgers to be fully vaccinated and healthy. Let’s have them buy more items from American vendors who manufacture in America. I know my Chinese brothers and sisters have to eat but they can create jobs for their economy, we need to create jobs for ours.

Decent wages, lower prices, and local good trade and manufacturing  jobs (because everyone can’t afford to spend 100 k on college) will help us all much more than a check in February that is spent in weeks.

Let’s do a little math. According to the IRS the average low income family receiving the child tax credit and earned income gets @ 3k back on tax returns. The income on average for these families is @17k.

Let’s use 15 an hour, because no one is trying to hear the 22 an hour spiel. 15 an hour times a 40 hour week times 52 weeks equal 31,200. Let’s say we eliminate taxes on food and have a flat rate of 5% because hey even Uncle Sam has to eat, leaves about 29,640 in the pocket of that low income family. If they have employer sponsored health insurance ( or state funded that’s a different rant) and budget just right, they can get by in most places. It is better for the country that a healthy, able bodied adult works for 29k and take care of their family vs earn 17k and hope to get 3k at tax time. Companies that pay good wages get to have lower turnover, which saves them a lot of money, they get a better trained workforce, happier employees, and can even end the day profitable. Google Costco vs Walmart. Cheaper pay is the lazy way to run a business. It is irresponsible corporate citizenship and should not rewarded.

New York State has a program where it is almost paying companies to come to the state and create jobs. Tax breaks up the wazoo! The state should make sure those employees are making at least 20 bucks an hour for full time work. Someone has to pay the taxman and if you let the company slide the employees will have to ante up. They should make enough to do so. That way the end result is jobs and a good tax base for the state. Otherwise… well, there is just more folks on the government teat.

And while I am ranting, yes President Obama, force companies who take American jobs out of the country to pay an extra tax. Instead of living wages here, they help create a working poor under class elsewhere. Let’s call it the Foreign Manu factor tax. I just read how a company laid off 2,000 folks in their American Plants in rural Virginia and Kentucky and are now getting the work done by child laborers and poor women in third world countries.  Again, I know those folks have to eat too. However instead of 2k folks with good union jobs paying taxes and living reasonably well, you have 2k folks on unemployment, many of whom will be unemployed for long periods of time. You can spend 17 years working in a plant and suddenly the job is gone, your pension is a joke or worse you didn’t make the 20 year cut off so you get nothing, and your work was so specialized you have to start from scratch with new job training. To me that means 4,000 folks are being duped, here and there.

Am I mean, have I gone all “Stacy Dash “on you ? No I still love you guys. I just want the little guy to be able to earn a comfortable living and not have a welfare mentality where he sits and waits for the government to hand over free loot. Free money should be reserved for the ill, the elderly, and for college and trade school. Sometimes we all need a helping hand. That should be on a case by case basis not an annual giveaway for individuals or corporations.


Give me some input on this… its a rant, but we do need to take better care of our working class people.

I am at MsLissa@melissaweblog.com

Love and Light



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