It’s so hot….

It’s so hot… I am burning up!

While I take a break from doing research on printing and crowdfunding and networking, I would like to tap on a subject that was once near and dear to my heart. Good Morning GlobalMusic4 Life fans. Happy Friday! Woohooo!!!! I was just thinking about some of the odd stuff that I have always looked forward to. You know; like the day my credit score hits 800, the day my waistline is actually hourglass shaped ( as opposed to beer glass) and the day cubs win the world series.  Yes I am full of happy thoughts! Well I had to leave one old happy thought behind. As a girl, I dreamed of becoming a woman. Growing up and meeting Mr. Right, having a house full of kids, and living like the folks on the Cosby show. Well after being a grown up for a while and no kiddies or Mr. Right anymore, I dreamed of the day Aunt Flow stopped visiting. No more menses. Hooray! I thought. No more one week waiting for it, one week suffering through it, and one week starving trying to get rid of the water weight and excess fat from cravings. The female reproductive system is a beautiful thing. But I am ok with just looking at the pictures. I was waiting for my period to go away. The freedom was tangible. There would be no more feminine products, cramps, bloating, and well shhh don’t tell my future husband but – funky moods. I did not know if it was hormones, lady estrogen having her way with my head or just the fact that I had to deal with the PMS symptoms, but for about 3 days a month, I need to go somewhere and have a seat. Or as Tamar Braxton would say “have several seats”. Midol, aspirin, and patches for my back were bought at Sam’s club. No point in buying a little tiny bottle, I knew I needed my fix for years to come. Menopause seemed like a beautiful end to a horrible dream. I am very peeved to find that it is not. In my family, night sweats are the norm. My cousin is about 6 years older than me and she gets hot, then cold, then irritable. It is worse than being on the period, almost. I have seen her sweating like she ran a mile in 90 degree heat and it is snowing outside. What the what? That’s not fair! I am still whining about the whole thing. I was think 25% more sex, no mood swings, or cramps and no more pills shots and etc.  (Men have it so easy, don’t you just want to kick them? Don’t do it, that would be mean. I am just saying, while apologizing for the millionth time about a pin prick size of blood on whatever, I just sometimes want to kick… oh well I digress….) So of course I am doing my homework. I want to know what to do and what happens, and what is avoidable or treatable. My cousin takes black cohosh and that helps a bit. But her husband is still expecting to freeze this winter, or worse burn up. Menopause does not seem to have a middle ground. So we all want something natural. So here are some ideas of how to deal with it. I will never miss having a period, but I do not envy the ladies suffering from menopause. To be a woman means suffering but there are ways to ease the burden.

  1. See a naturopath and nutritionist… what you put in your body is so important, find herbs and natural help before running and getting hormone therapy. Menopause is not horrible for every woman and some barely notice it.
  2. Acupuncture has been shown to offer temporary relief. Acupressure as well.
  3. Dress in thin layers so you can peel those babies off in a pinch. No teacher do not strip down in class ! Thin layers of cotton and natural materials help. If the hot flash turns to a cold one, you layer up!
  4. Notice what leads to them. Spicy food, caffeine, and stress can all lead to hot flashes. No more mountain dew or coffees until you see if that was the problem. We are not kids studying in the dorms all night anymore.
  5. Exercise 30 minutes cardio 3 times a week and weights 2 times a week. The exercise releases happy chemicals in your brain and a good weight helps a lot.
  6. Meditate; stress leads to a lot of menopausal symptoms like hot flashes.
  7. Keep the area cool. If you have a hot flash you can disrobe a few layers if you get a cold flash, its easier to warm up than cool off.

Don’t stress out about it. It is normal, well kinda sorta. And if you pay attention and take good care off yourself, you may be able to avoid complications all together. I am jamming to GlobalMusic4 Life: I want out! Have you hit menopause? Tell me about it! I am at I would love to have ideas to feeling great throughout the 50’s and 60’s without suffering too much.

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