I love your smile :)

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I love your smile!

I love your smile and you should too!


It is like getting a naughty baby to eat. Getting folks to the dentist just for a cleaning is an exercise in frustration. And when they have tooth pain, whoa, it is even worse.

Going to the dentist should be a ritual. It should happen two times a year no matter what. No I do not work for the dentist mafia, but that being said it is very important. Of course it is even more important if there is pain going on or a tooth being naughty and growing the wrong way.

Seven reasons that you should go to the dentist- that have great importance

  1. Because I said so! Ok just joking, but it is highly recommended that you go to check your teeth and gums and get those chompers cleaned professionally. Whoever kisses you will appreciate it.
  2. Dentists are your friend and a partner in your overall good health. I will be more specific. A trip to the dentist office often gives us clues into things going on with our health elsewhere on our body.
  3. Heart disease: What? You ask. Yes inflamed gums and loose teeth can lead to bacteria that wreak havoc. They can help form blood clots and plaque in the arteries that can cause problems in the heart.
  4. Diabetes: Yep, many folks who did not know they had the big D found out from their dentist. Or rather they were told to go get checked by their dentist. Gum disease, bleeding gums, loose teeth can be a sign of diabetes. Diabetes can make dental health worse. Infections at gum line can worsen diabetic symptoms and is thought to lead to heart disease and stroke.
  5. Osteoporosis: Problems in the bones can lead to receding gums and loose teeth.
  6. GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disease ; especially the night time one… where you are burping up stomach acid in your sleep and it tears up your throat. Guess who looks all up in that throat? Yes, Dr. Dentist. They can see the erosion of the esophagus, the tale tell signs of certain throat cancers (and mouth cancer too) and get you to a specialist.
  7. Dry mouth disease or condition: Ok you say if I have dry mouth big whoop. Actually it is a big deal. Dry mouth can point to several problems including diabetes and Parkinson’s. Saliva is our friend. (We have a lot of friends don’t we?) It cleans the mouth and helps to wash away excess bacteria that cause cavities. It is also the first step in digesting our food properly.

So there, those are good reasons to go even if you do not feel like it are they not? I hope so.

How often do you go to the dentist? Let me know! I am at MsMelissa@melissaweblog.com


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Let’s Move!!!!

Get Moving!

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Good Morning GlobalMusic4 Life fans! Top of the morning to you! It is 4:45 am and before I fall to my bed in a glorious lump for a few hours, I wanted to share something. I was reading about First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama’s program on www.letsmove.gov  I kind of dig the way she is going after children and trying to decrease the childhood obesity epidemic in America. I too believe that if you get people into healthy lifestyles while they are young, you nip adult obesity and its related health problems in the bud as well.

Yes there are a lot of folks who are obese and morbidly obese who were thin as church wafers when they were young. However, many of those folks were skinny “just because”. Having a healthy lifestyle means you are fit because you want to be fit and you work on it. For most, that lovely childhood metabolism will leave when puberty hits and if you are not active or lucky you may fall into the obesity trap.

Fattening quick fix foods, low nutritional value foods ( a hem, ramen ), sweets that are getting sweeter and more caloric every year ( double stuffed fudge dipped oreos, it makes me want to just sigh thinking of them) and the ever evil video games and television – have all helped lead us on the path toward obesity. Instead of texting her for 3 hours, get up and walk to your friend’s house! Instead of video basketball, go out and play! (and don’t come back in until the street lights come on!) It seems like the solution is easy but it’s not. We at GlobalMusic4 Life and Gm4L applaud her efforts and note that healthy living does start at childhood.

Alas, but what about us sad sacks who didn’t get the memo when we were young? I for one am riddled with muscular aches and pains from swim class and aerobics and weight and cardio classes. It will be difficult to undo decades of food based debauchery. I am trying!

So I was thinking, what can adults do to combat obesity for themselves as individuals?  This is for either the slim who want to be more fit or the heavy who want to get slim and fit. I thought of exercises that don’t feel like exercise. I have a little device that approximates my calories burned per day. It mocks me and keeps me awake at night because I work in front of a computer all day. I thought hey two hours of exercise a day is way better than the zero hours a day I did 2 years ago or the lame 30 minutes for 3 times a week I did a year ago. It is never enough. I eat less now, a lot less, but nothing takes the place of sweat inducing exercise.

You don’t have to get sweaty. There are some everyday things you can do to get exercise brownie points. These can be done in the course of your day. Take a gander and see which one moves you.


  1. Standing up at work as much as possible:  If you are in a cubicle, get up and stretch and stand for 10 minutes every 40. Standing actually burns more calories than sitting.
  2. Sit on an exercise ball at work: helps work the core muscles and improves posture
  3. Flex your feet at your desk; it will strengthen leg and foot muscles and help prevent cramps
  4. Get off the bus or train early: wear gym shoes to work and get off a mile or more before your stop before and after work. It is great exercise and walk at a nice pace, not so much as to go to work sweaty, save the power walk for home time.
  5. Eat for 30 minutes and walk for 30 during lunch time. Go be social and make the rounds in the office, walk around the block, walk down the office steps for a few flights ( be careful some lock you in)
  6. Have small dumb bells at the office, while working and sitting- do a few curls, maybe 5 sets of five. Your guns will thank you for it.
  7. Take the stairs instead of escalator
  8. At home, make it a habit to take one load of clothes down at a time, walking up and down stairs with a small basket is great exercise
  9. At the grocery store, take your list and walk around the whole store once without putting anything in your cart. Just take notice of where everything is and then find alternatives for your name brands. Take the kids and have them do it as a sort of scavenger hunt! Instead of pizza you get frozen dough or flour, think outside the box! Try to walk around the whole store 5 times, you will not even notice.
  10. Go swimming, if you belong to a gym – use it, swimming class; works everything in a nice environment that is easy on joints

Look into different ways to exercise – get it in and lets move indeed. I am doing my kegels, hey that’s a real exercise! I also tap my feet a lot when I am making deadlines.

What are your ideas? What non exercise- exercise can we incorporate into our daily lives do you do? Let me know! I am at MsMelissa@melissaweblog.com

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Sneeze me goofy! About sinusitis…

Sneeze me goofy! When it’s sinusitis…

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Good morning fellow GlobalMusic4 Life fans. When I was little we use to say “sneeze me goofy!”  when someone sneezed on us. It kind of meant hey excuse yourself or cover your mouth you are sneezing on me! Even though in the cold regions of the world the allergy season is dwindling down, the cold season is upon us. Cold mean runny noses and the works. I was wondering when is it a cold and when is it sinusitis? At what point should you just stay in bed or run to the doctor?


Disclaimer: Blogger here not doctor, ok continue…

Sinusitis is an infection of the sinus cavities. It is often preceded by a cold or an allergy. It can also be caused by environmental factors like smoke and pollution. This is another reason why second hand smoke is a bad thing and why folks in mainland China often walk around with little face mask on – pollution that literally make you sick. It needs to be treated by a physician who will be able to tell, after tests, if it is bacterial, viral, or pollutant caused. Bacterial infections are the most common.

While ill sinus fluids and mucus drain into the nasal cavity and the cavity becomes inflamed and “stopped up”. This can lead to a lot of pain and inconvenience.

Symptoms of Sinusitis vs Allergies vs the common Cold

  Sinusitis Allergy Cold
Pain and pressure in face Yes Often sometimes
Duration 10 plus days Can last indefinitely Less than 2 weeks
Nasal discharge White or colored Clear, watery Thin or thick, white,
Fever 50% No 75%
Headache Yes 50% 25%
Pain in upper teeth Yes No No
Bad breath Yes No No
Cough 50% 50% Yes
Nasal Congestion Yes 50% Yes
Sneezing No 70% Yes
Irritability and fatigue Sometimes 25% 75%
Post nasal drip Yes Yes Yes
Nausea and vomiting More often in kids No Sometimes
Pain behind cheek and eyes Yes Yes sometimes


Yes, it is confusing. They look like three coins of the same denomination!

Acute sinusitis is defined as a sudden onset lasting a month or less* Chronic is 3 months or more* either may need to be treated with surgery if they get too severe. This is to remove diseased tissue and polyps while clearing narrow nasal passages.

The best initial treatment is time. We don’t want to create any more super bugs* so it’s best to let the immune system at least try to do its job. If you are immune suppressed because of a medical condition that is different. See a doctor in any case. After that, antibiotic treatment and in rare cases antiviral treatments. For mild cases: use steam inhalation, a saline nasal spray or netti pot or drops. A humidifier in the room or home you sleep in is a good way to keep the nasal passages moist.


Well there really isn’t any. However there are things you can do to mitigate certain levels of risk. Wash your hands in hot soapy water. I do not believe in antibacterial soap any more. A good soap and hot water will normally dispel whatever ails you. A clean humidifier helps moisturize the air. Dry nasal passages can bleed (especially when vigorously cleaning the nose…) and let in germs. The area is more pliable if kept a bit moist. Avoid smoke and people with the flu or a cold.

Gently blow your nose one side at a time, I close my eyes too. One because in my mind it seems to work better and two I don’t want the germs in my nose spraying into my eyes… I don’t know if it makes a difference but hey my blog and my opinion. Leave the planes alone if you have a cold, if you have to go use a nasal decongestant right before takeoff. A stuffed up nose under pressure will give some people a horrible headache. Cover your face with a mask. It prevents you from sharing your cold and creates a barrier to prevent outside germs from getting into your delicate nasal membranes. Keep some anti-histamines and decongestants with you. Also drink a lot of water. Hydration helps from the inside.

Ok hope I haven’t grossed you out! Hey at least I didn’t say avoid kids, they are loaded with cooties!

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