Sneeze me goofy! About sinusitis…

Sneeze me goofy! When it’s sinusitis…

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Good morning fellow GlobalMusic4 Life fans. When I was little we use to say “sneeze me goofy!”  when someone sneezed on us. It kind of meant hey excuse yourself or cover your mouth you are sneezing on me! Even though in the cold regions of the world the allergy season is dwindling down, the cold season is upon us. Cold mean runny noses and the works. I was wondering when is it a cold and when is it sinusitis? At what point should you just stay in bed or run to the doctor?


Disclaimer: Blogger here not doctor, ok continue…

Sinusitis is an infection of the sinus cavities. It is often preceded by a cold or an allergy. It can also be caused by environmental factors like smoke and pollution. This is another reason why second hand smoke is a bad thing and why folks in mainland China often walk around with little face mask on – pollution that literally make you sick. It needs to be treated by a physician who will be able to tell, after tests, if it is bacterial, viral, or pollutant caused. Bacterial infections are the most common.

While ill sinus fluids and mucus drain into the nasal cavity and the cavity becomes inflamed and “stopped up”. This can lead to a lot of pain and inconvenience.

Symptoms of Sinusitis vs Allergies vs the common Cold

  Sinusitis Allergy Cold
Pain and pressure in face Yes Often sometimes
Duration 10 plus days Can last indefinitely Less than 2 weeks
Nasal discharge White or colored Clear, watery Thin or thick, white,
Fever 50% No 75%
Headache Yes 50% 25%
Pain in upper teeth Yes No No
Bad breath Yes No No
Cough 50% 50% Yes
Nasal Congestion Yes 50% Yes
Sneezing No 70% Yes
Irritability and fatigue Sometimes 25% 75%
Post nasal drip Yes Yes Yes
Nausea and vomiting More often in kids No Sometimes
Pain behind cheek and eyes Yes Yes sometimes


Yes, it is confusing. They look like three coins of the same denomination!

Acute sinusitis is defined as a sudden onset lasting a month or less* Chronic is 3 months or more* either may need to be treated with surgery if they get too severe. This is to remove diseased tissue and polyps while clearing narrow nasal passages.

The best initial treatment is time. We don’t want to create any more super bugs* so it’s best to let the immune system at least try to do its job. If you are immune suppressed because of a medical condition that is different. See a doctor in any case. After that, antibiotic treatment and in rare cases antiviral treatments. For mild cases: use steam inhalation, a saline nasal spray or netti pot or drops. A humidifier in the room or home you sleep in is a good way to keep the nasal passages moist.


Well there really isn’t any. However there are things you can do to mitigate certain levels of risk. Wash your hands in hot soapy water. I do not believe in antibacterial soap any more. A good soap and hot water will normally dispel whatever ails you. A clean humidifier helps moisturize the air. Dry nasal passages can bleed (especially when vigorously cleaning the nose…) and let in germs. The area is more pliable if kept a bit moist. Avoid smoke and people with the flu or a cold.

Gently blow your nose one side at a time, I close my eyes too. One because in my mind it seems to work better and two I don’t want the germs in my nose spraying into my eyes… I don’t know if it makes a difference but hey my blog and my opinion. Leave the planes alone if you have a cold, if you have to go use a nasal decongestant right before takeoff. A stuffed up nose under pressure will give some people a horrible headache. Cover your face with a mask. It prevents you from sharing your cold and creates a barrier to prevent outside germs from getting into your delicate nasal membranes. Keep some anti-histamines and decongestants with you. Also drink a lot of water. Hydration helps from the inside.

Ok hope I haven’t grossed you out! Hey at least I didn’t say avoid kids, they are loaded with cooties!

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Be nice to tiny friends….


Be nice to tiny friends

-No not your best buddy who is only 5 ft tall. I am thinking about all of the lovely little organisms living in your body who help you!

“The Probiotic bandwagon”

Hello fellow GlobalMusic4 Life fans! With all of this talk about the Ebola virus, I thought I would briefly chat about little friends who help us! Probiotics are the latest trend in the foodie world. Jamie Lee Curtis will have you thinking that a serving of activia will make you stop passing gas and poop with all of the regularity of the routine of those spiffy British guards in front of the Queen of England’s main house. That is not really the case.

Probiotics are microorganisms that live in the stomach or gut / intestine of us humans. They are naturally occurring and also found in food and dietary supplements. One study suggested that there were over 480 bacteria strains in the human body that help us digest our food. ( That’s a lot of “mouths “ to feed!) Prebiotics are food that these fun little fellows like to munch on.

Disclaimer: This is a blog and I am not a doctor, if you are suffering please visit a doctor!

How Probiotics Help (allegedly, studies are still being done, but of course that does not stop us from marketing their benefits!)

  1. Believed to help immune system
  2. Keep balance in system, imbalance from antibiotic over use can lead to diarrhea
  3. Assist in digesting food
  4. Help keep the walls of one’s intestine strong
  5. Help to fight medical conditions:
    1. Diarrhea
    2. Colitis
    3. Pouchitis
    4. Allergy induced eczema
    5. Fight irritable bowel syndrome
    6. Fight vaginitis

How Probiotics may hinder: They may be bad for people with weakened immune systems; even to the point in leading to higher incidents of death among pancreatitis victims… this is considered rare.

Ok, so we love probiotics! What are their favorite foods, aka prebiotics? What foods have probiotics in them? Some scientists say we should take both at the same time. That is to say: take the food that contains the little friends of man and eat the food they like so they will grow and multiply.

Probiotics sources include:

  1. Supplements
  2. Food enriched with supplements
  3. Greek yogurt
  4. Sauerkraut
  5. Miso
  6. Certain cheeses like gouda
  7. Kefir
  8. Acidophilus milk
  9. Naturally fermented pickled food
  10. Tempeh

Prebiotics may include:

  1. Asparagus
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Red wine
  4. Honey
  5. Maple syrup
  6. Legumes
  7. Bananas


Well those little guys like the good stuff huh? It makes me want to ask “Anyone for wine and cheese?” Studies that involved people with certain diets and how those diets affected their health have shown that probiotics are helpful to the body. People in countries or regions where yogurt is consumed seem to have fewer issues with certain infections and diarrhea. Whatever the case may be, a little yogurt wouldn’t help. ( I wonder does frozen yogurt count, hmm) Make sure you run any pills or supplements past your doctor but a little banana and honey in some Greek yogurt sounds like a good thing to me.

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It’s Cold Outside….

It’s Cold Outside

It is cold outside, but why do we act surprised? I live in Chicago, where the saying is there are two seasons – winter and construction. There also two main temperatures. Too darn hot or too darn cold. Well this summer was very pleasant. No scorching hot temperatures and until recently, early October, the weather was downright pleasant.

So why do we always exclaim the change in seasons? Well you get used to a good thing for one. Summer shorts and sandals were in. Cute little tight tees for those who are nice and slim (and a few who are not)

I guess the only answer I can give is the funky little thing called abruptness. There is no 80 then 70 then 60 then 50, and so on. No in Chicago, you can literally have a barbeque at noon and have to race inside at 3pm because of icy cold rain, high winds, and 40 degree temperatures.


And that means it is officially dry skin season as well. No more cute light summer lotion, wash and go with no effort hairstyles ( especially curly or dry hair) – it is time to get the oils and hard core creams out! Or is it?


Winter skin care:

What you need differs with your skin type. Oily skin probably needs gentle, lightly medicated treatment and a non-oil based moisturizer. Yes you need spf 15 or higher, maybe a 25 if you are outside for a good period of time. That means you Ms. Commuter standing in the sun waiting on the bus. Dry skin needs moisturizer as well. A gentle creamy wash all over and something creamy or even a light oil for the skin.

Many dermatologists recommend to just say no to oil on the face. That includes oil based makeup. Try the mineral powder based makeup. Combination skin, hmmm  a lot of us have that. Oily around the forehead, nose and chin and dry elsewhere. The key is to try to clean well and gently removing oil and dirt while not stripping the skin of all of its natural oils.


Skin on the body is always fun. Not saying your face isn’t part of your body but, well you know what I mean! We spend 40 minutes on our face and 1 on the other 95% of our skin. Some folks have oily skin on other areas. “Backne” – back acne, is um, unfortunate. However there is now medicated body wash for that. I recommend a weekly exfoliating wash and a twice daily wash with something with maybe 2% salicylic acid. If your skin is troubling you, go visit a reputable dermatologist. Yes I like trying new stuff at the drug store. My skin is mean and after a while, the old stuff does not seem to do the trick any more. What currently works for me is exfoliating then washing with acne body wash and then coconut oil all over ( I smell dreamy) and then in trouble dry and crusty spots, aka, feet soles, elbows, that crazy small area on my lower back!!! ( sorry tmi) I use a mixture of cocoa butter and shea oil. In a pinch, I will use Vaseline but rarely any more. If it is super zero and windy, I might go old school (Vaseline) if I have to be out in the cold longer than it takes me to run to the car and run inside. However, I am not above taking my face wash with me and washing the V off when I get inside.


A little oil in a warm bath leaves the skin nice too. The operative word is little. One because you do not want to clog your pores, two because it can clog your drain, three oil stains clothes and bed sheets. I am just saying, baby oil is all fun and games until it is time to wash the sheets and then the giggling stops.


One last note. I am not nagging. However, for the record, YES, you still need to wear a little sun block if you will be out for a while. My fellow brown colored and darker people skip this. They shouldn’t necessarily do that. The sun hitting on snow whether it’s the slopes at a ski resort or in front of your home after the first Chicago snow storm, will be harsh to your skin. I recommend a skin moisturizer with a spf of 25 to protect against dryness and the sun. Ok one more thing – water, drink it, green tea, plain, mineral, with a few drops of juice. Get in the fluid that helps the skin and water is the number one way t keep skin nice – from the inside J


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