Let’s do brunch!!!!

It’s Sunday!  Let’s do Brunch

Oh but I can’t eat eggs, or bacon, or cheese, or ohhh lets just meet for coffee!

Good Morning GlobalMusic4 Life fans! It is early, super early on a brisk November Sunday. How are you?

I just got my cholesterol test score back and I am down. I am officially high normal range. Yippee! So if I can go down a bit more, no more cholesterol meds (Super Yippee kai ya)

What is your cholesterol level? Heck do you know what cholesterol is. No it isn’t the stuff that moisturizes your hair. Ok it is that too but in this sense it is a waxy sticky substance found in the blood. It travels via small fat cells. High density lipid cells take cholesterol to the liver and helps the body gets rid of it. Low density lipid cells take it all over the body and it can become plaque and harden in the arteries. This leads to the heart working harder to fill smaller tubes – the arteries and less blood and oxygen getting to where it needs to go. We all know heart disease is no laughing matter, so what to do?

Uggh my doctor told me what to do.

Lower the cholesterol in your diet. Eat egg white omelets instead of regular. Smaller portions of shell fish, butter, and fatty meats… eat lean and low cholesterol low fat. Bacon – just say no. If you must say yes, one or two crisp and drained on a towel. ..

High cholesterol runs in families, in the African American community (I blame the traditional southern diet that we carry with us, it is not as prevalent in Africa so there…) It goes up with high cholesterol and fatty foods and lack of exercise to push that blood around (cardio!!!)

So no smoking, cigarettes are very naughty for everything. They have no redeeming value. Lose weight if you need to like I am. J Just live in moderation and try to be healthier. It takes an effort and some thought but it is not rocket science. It is the same tune I have been singing for a while. A healthier lifestyle makes everything better.

So what’s on the menu for today’s brunch? Egg white omelets with a little feta and low fat cheese, spinach and mushrooms are the main feature. Chicken breakfast sausage is very tasty. Sugar free Kool aid with a splash of orange juice and a few orange slices is tasty.  An apple for crunch and fiber is a good thing. Whole wheat toast with lavender honey is my splurge along with some very delicious vanilla and Irish cream coffee with stevia and almond milk infused with vanilla. Good stuff, reasonable calories and then a brisk walk to the YMCA and a little swim and trip on the stationary bike.

That’s not so bad… who’s with me?

What is your cholesterol level? Let me know! MsMelissa@melissaweblog.com



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