I love your smile :)

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I love your smile!

I love your smile and you should too!


It is like getting a naughty baby to eat. Getting folks to the dentist just for a cleaning is an exercise in frustration. And when they have tooth pain, whoa, it is even worse.

Going to the dentist should be a ritual. It should happen two times a year no matter what. No I do not work for the dentist mafia, but that being said it is very important. Of course it is even more important if there is pain going on or a tooth being naughty and growing the wrong way.

Seven reasons that you should go to the dentist- that have great importance

  1. Because I said so! Ok just joking, but it is highly recommended that you go to check your teeth and gums and get those chompers cleaned professionally. Whoever kisses you will appreciate it.
  2. Dentists are your friend and a partner in your overall good health. I will be more specific. A trip to the dentist office often gives us clues into things going on with our health elsewhere on our body.
  3. Heart disease: What? You ask. Yes inflamed gums and loose teeth can lead to bacteria that wreak havoc. They can help form blood clots and plaque in the arteries that can cause problems in the heart.
  4. Diabetes: Yep, many folks who did not know they had the big D found out from their dentist. Or rather they were told to go get checked by their dentist. Gum disease, bleeding gums, loose teeth can be a sign of diabetes. Diabetes can make dental health worse. Infections at gum line can worsen diabetic symptoms and is thought to lead to heart disease and stroke.
  5. Osteoporosis: Problems in the bones can lead to receding gums and loose teeth.
  6. GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disease ; especially the night time one… where you are burping up stomach acid in your sleep and it tears up your throat. Guess who looks all up in that throat? Yes, Dr. Dentist. They can see the erosion of the esophagus, the tale tell signs of certain throat cancers (and mouth cancer too) and get you to a specialist.
  7. Dry mouth disease or condition: Ok you say if I have dry mouth big whoop. Actually it is a big deal. Dry mouth can point to several problems including diabetes and Parkinson’s. Saliva is our friend. (We have a lot of friends don’t we?) It cleans the mouth and helps to wash away excess bacteria that cause cavities. It is also the first step in digesting our food properly.

So there, those are good reasons to go even if you do not feel like it are they not? I hope so.

How often do you go to the dentist? Let me know! I am at MsMelissa@melissaweblog.com


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I love energy bars!!!

I love energy bars! 


You too? I love energy bars. Love them to pieces!

Good afternoon fellow GlobalMusic4 Life fans. I just came out of the kitchen and wanted to share something with you. As most folks who know me know, I am trying to lose weight. So far I have lost 90lbs, slowly over a 15 month period, and I need to lose #@! more. That is cool, I can be patient. I am trying to avoid having to spend my life savings on post weight loss surgery. ( But if I get down to a size 10, its over, mommy makeover- here I come. Yes I know I am not a mommy! But hey I had foster kids and stretch marks so it should count – right?)

Anyway, back to the energy bars. I love them because in the morning I am rushing and stressing and need something quick to eat. So I grab an energy bar, protein bar, granola bar, what ever, and a banana and rush out the door. I am rushing to aerobics or swim class or a client meeting. In any case I am so busy that standing still for a bowl of healthy cereal in almond milk just will not do. So off I go, driving and eating my lovely and tasty bar, a bottle of water, and a piece of fruit. My go to fruits are bananas and apples. I keep them stocked up. The brown bananas become smoothies or frozen ice cream substitutes ( frozen bananas in blender, maybe a little stevia and almond milk, delish!) The apples go to the juicer if they get soft or they get chopped up and baked with the chicken, turkey , or fish of the day. Plus they are good in funky little mixed fruit slushies as well.

However, my true love is Mr. Energy bar with protein! Oh Mr. Energy bar you are so sweet and savory and delish! Marry me! Ok, I am being silly, but yes they are pretty good. I will not give names but you know who they are.

Here’s the rub. Energy bars are not good for you. Not all of them. There are some better alternatives.

I have a collection of energy bars and the calories go from 120 for a tiny one ( ummm I usually eat two at a pop) to a granola and protein bar with 260 calories. I only eat one of those, it is clearly a breakfast substitute. However, after hanging out with the folks at GM4L and other health oriented businesses and enthusiasts; I have gotten into a naughty little habit.

I read the nutrition labels on everything. Yes everything. No exception to the rule is allowed. If I can not find it I either do not buy it or I ask. This is because I do the weight watchers tracking thingy where I account for carbs and protein and fat. It is also because I need to push up my weight loss. Look at the labels people.

I was not amused. Some of my energy bars are nothing but glorified candy bars. At 260 calories I can eat a snickers bar, if the truth is told. I am looking at one that is allegedly healthy and organic. ( marketing buzz word, unless you grew it in your backyard or got it from the farmers market from an all organic farm, take that with a big grain of kosher salt)

This bar has 230 calories. It contains 10g of protein, 2g of fiber, and 23g of fat ( oh oh) and 32 carbs. No, it will go in a goody bag for my skinny nephews. I can no longer eat this. Some are cute, but less calories usually equal less protein and fiber and sugar. It also means they are less filling and tasty. There is always a catch.

As a snack, a 125 calorie bar and a small apple and a glass of water will tide you over until dinner. I do not feel it makes for a good meal. ( disclaimer#6 million I am not a nutritionist or doctor) So what is a hungry health conscious person to do? You have to eat. Fruit is lovely but you actually need a little fat and plenty pf protein.

The solution is, well you are not going to like this, stop being lazy. Wait! Let me finish! I have discovered that if I go to whole paycheck stores, uh you know who I mean, and gets some Irish steel cut oats, organic honey, unsalted peanuts ( salt is the enemy), and a few other dried fruit goodies, I can make my own energy bars. Whoa! Yes make them yourself. Yes it takes effort. Sorry about that. However, MY energy bars are packed with protein ( nuts and protein powder) fiber ( seeds, psyllium, etc), just the right amount of sweet ( a dash of honey or molasses and stevia sweetener) and are filling and healthy. Please note healthy does not equal low calorie. I ran my latest creation through the recipe builder on line and it comes out to 275 calories for a 1 ounce bar.

Yes, I see you. Stop rolling your eyes at me. I know that is a big calorie count. However, I eat these instead of breakfast, or if I am locked in my office writing or making sales calls, lunch. I drink a big bottle of water slowly, eat a medium apple, and have my bar. Slow is the word, give it time to soak up the water, talk to the brain’s satiation center, stretch the stomach a bit, and you are golden. It actually satisfies me. I will not crave sweets or salties for hours. My body has what she needs and she thanks me. Generally if you eat lunch at 11 or 12, by 3 pm you are look crazy at the goodies in the break room. I am no exception. However, this helps me, a lot. My point is to get the nutrition that I need with minimal calories. A diet microwave meal at 300 calories is usually loaded with salt and unidentifiable chemicals. I have even been warned off of microwave popcorn because of some weird chemical they put in to that!

So when you think of it, a leisure Sunday playing with the kiddies or watching the game while you make your own energy bars is not a bad thing. I make them a week in advance. I take them with me when I leave out so I can skip going to a café for lunch all together. Sometimes I take some kale chips or a small spinach salad with lemon juice and orange juice for dressing to get in some greens too.

I try to write about encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Yes I talk about exercise. Yes, I talk about all that other good stuff and about getting or maintaining health. I use the wisdom of others. However, from my experience, in my journey, I will say: you must prepare your own food. There is no getting around it. People cannot exercise for you and they cannot eat for you. You have the power to take you good health in your hands. No it is not easy nor is it cheap. Instead of the 20 bucks on cocktails this Friday, take it and make nice snack bars that will last a week. Your body will thank you for it.

What healthy snacks do you make for you and your family? Tell me about it and I will send you my favorite snack bar recipes! I am at MsMelissa@melissaweblog.com

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It’s Cold Outside….

It’s Cold Outside

It is cold outside, but why do we act surprised? I live in Chicago, where the saying is there are two seasons – winter and construction. There also two main temperatures. Too darn hot or too darn cold. Well this summer was very pleasant. No scorching hot temperatures and until recently, early October, the weather was downright pleasant.

So why do we always exclaim the change in seasons? Well you get used to a good thing for one. Summer shorts and sandals were in. Cute little tight tees for those who are nice and slim (and a few who are not)

I guess the only answer I can give is the funky little thing called abruptness. There is no 80 then 70 then 60 then 50, and so on. No in Chicago, you can literally have a barbeque at noon and have to race inside at 3pm because of icy cold rain, high winds, and 40 degree temperatures.


And that means it is officially dry skin season as well. No more cute light summer lotion, wash and go with no effort hairstyles ( especially curly or dry hair) – it is time to get the oils and hard core creams out! Or is it?


Winter skin care:

What you need differs with your skin type. Oily skin probably needs gentle, lightly medicated treatment and a non-oil based moisturizer. Yes you need spf 15 or higher, maybe a 25 if you are outside for a good period of time. That means you Ms. Commuter standing in the sun waiting on the bus. Dry skin needs moisturizer as well. A gentle creamy wash all over and something creamy or even a light oil for the skin.

Many dermatologists recommend to just say no to oil on the face. That includes oil based makeup. Try the mineral powder based makeup. Combination skin, hmmm  a lot of us have that. Oily around the forehead, nose and chin and dry elsewhere. The key is to try to clean well and gently removing oil and dirt while not stripping the skin of all of its natural oils.


Skin on the body is always fun. Not saying your face isn’t part of your body but, well you know what I mean! We spend 40 minutes on our face and 1 on the other 95% of our skin. Some folks have oily skin on other areas. “Backne” – back acne, is um, unfortunate. However there is now medicated body wash for that. I recommend a weekly exfoliating wash and a twice daily wash with something with maybe 2% salicylic acid. If your skin is troubling you, go visit a reputable dermatologist. Yes I like trying new stuff at the drug store. My skin is mean and after a while, the old stuff does not seem to do the trick any more. What currently works for me is exfoliating then washing with acne body wash and then coconut oil all over ( I smell dreamy) and then in trouble dry and crusty spots, aka, feet soles, elbows, that crazy small area on my lower back!!! ( sorry tmi) I use a mixture of cocoa butter and shea oil. In a pinch, I will use Vaseline but rarely any more. If it is super zero and windy, I might go old school (Vaseline) if I have to be out in the cold longer than it takes me to run to the car and run inside. However, I am not above taking my face wash with me and washing the V off when I get inside.


A little oil in a warm bath leaves the skin nice too. The operative word is little. One because you do not want to clog your pores, two because it can clog your drain, three oil stains clothes and bed sheets. I am just saying, baby oil is all fun and games until it is time to wash the sheets and then the giggling stops.


One last note. I am not nagging. However, for the record, YES, you still need to wear a little sun block if you will be out for a while. My fellow brown colored and darker people skip this. They shouldn’t necessarily do that. The sun hitting on snow whether it’s the slopes at a ski resort or in front of your home after the first Chicago snow storm, will be harsh to your skin. I recommend a skin moisturizer with a spf of 25 to protect against dryness and the sun. Ok one more thing – water, drink it, green tea, plain, mineral, with a few drops of juice. Get in the fluid that helps the skin and water is the number one way t keep skin nice – from the inside J


What special things do you do for your skin in the winter? Let me know! I am at MsMelissa@melissaweblog.com


I am adding notes to my book fro Dr. Kiki Hurt, founder of GM4L LLc and GlobalMusic4 Life Inc.

The ibook is fun and we will have the hard copy soon too. Check it out!



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Ultimate wealth = health, because rich and dead does not equal happiness.


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