Happy Halloweeny….




Happy Halloweeny

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween fellow GlobalMusic4 Life fans!

As we don our silly and sexy costumes, eat candy until our stomachs burst (not me mind you, I have a declared it a carb free weekend!)  It is my duty to remind you that it is cold and flu season here in Chicago and most places in America.

While everyone is shaking in their boots about Ebola, the real threat is right under our noses. Common illnesses like the cold, the flu (yes two different things) and pneumonia are in fashion, highly contagious and can do everything from ruin your weekend to have you hospitalized.

Should you worry about Ebola?

No, not unless you have been to western Africa or have been in contact with someone ill with it. God bless the nurses and doctors who got ill caring for others. It’s online with SARS, the bird flu and every other dooms day disease we hear about. Yes it can kill you; however your chances are far better dying from a drunk driver on the expressway. Yeah, sorry I know that doesn’t make you feel better before the morning commute. It is just that some diseases get a lot of press and scare people or make folks money while scaring people and I personally feel it is unnecessary. Keep your hands and face clean, try not to touch your face and mouth out in public, and seek medical attention if you feel bad or find that you have been exposed. I read that some nurse said she refused to be quarantined and that she felt fine. Well if she has been exposed to a deadly disease, she should take the break, get some books, and chill for a bit. I certainly do not want a nurse treating me who is supposed to be in quarantine.

Should you get the flu shot?

My doctor says yes. If you have a medical condition, are very young or very old, a weak immune system, or you are prone to catching the flu. It is not a magic bullet. Like the cold, the flu has many variants and the shot fights the most popular ones. Which ones you ask? I do not know! However, I have a tendency to get the flue 1 or two times a year when the seasons change and it has knocked me out for up to two weeks. Last year it was 2-3 days of watching tv and eating chicken broth. So ergo and therefore, yours truly has had one.

Should you cover your cough with your hands?

Silly question huh? Yes and no is my answer. If you are contagious coughing into the bend of your arm is best. If you use your hands you go around touching stuff that other folks touch and just spreading your dang cooties. Try to keep your hands off your face out in public period. On the bus and then rub your eyes, nose, dig out breakfast from the back tooth? Ewww, I can literally draw pictures of some of the germs you just exposed yourself to. Keep some clean tissues or a clean handkerchief. When you get home toss one and bleach the other.

Feed a cold vs starve a fever…

If you are hungry and ill, eat something light. No one wants to barf up mom’s meatloaf and potato surprise. Chicken soup is always a winner, saltines and mild temperature ginger ale if your throat is ok. Your body needs some form of energy to help heal itself. However, on the flip side, you don’t want all of the bodies resources going to the digestive system to break down the deluxe super nacho supremo. A light meal and plenty of cool.. not cold… water is on the menu.

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In God we trust… Hmmpft! Enough said !

Love and Light!


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