How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse…

Ok, how do you survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse? ze

  1. Don’t hang out with Zombies, that ish is contagious.
  2. Just say “No!” Yes, we made fun of Nancy Reagan’s anti-drug slogan, but it still rings true.
  3. Leave the experimenting to folks with Ph.D’s in chemistry and lab rats.

Yes, I am making light of the new wave of synthetic drugs to be hitting our nation. I am joking because they have me scared “shirtless.” They are strong, deadly, super addictive, and frankly too easy and cheap to get. That combined with young, fearless, or just plain stupid folks trying them and giving them out as party favors or old school drug alternatives – has me very worried.

These drugs are “Krokodil” and “Flakka”  Yes, even the names sounds stupid. However, you can say doing any illegal drug is stupid You can die off of prescription medication if you abuse it. However, some evil scientist has made drugs that quite frankly, will make you long for the days when kids smoking “pot” or snorting cocaine was your big worry.

There are so many recreational drugs out there that I really lose count. There is the ever popular marijuana. Then you have cocaine and it’s highly addictive sister drug crack cocaine. Then you have opium which is old school, heroin, and LSD. Add in crystal meth. Pour on poppers, ecstasy, and people who huff everything from paint fumes to liquid paper to gas … Well, it is a wonder anyone gets any work done.

Now the new bother. Krokodil and Flakka are new synthetic drugs. Synthetic as opposed to naturally occurring like marijuana and cocaine. Synthetic drugs are, in the opinion of some law enforcement officials and medical professionals, worse than naturally occurring because they can be cooked up with local ingredients. No drug kingpins in exotic locations needed.

Krokodil aka Desomorphine

Made from synthetic codeine. Codeine is a derivative of heroin that is available legally and illegally in the US and around the world ( you know, like Tylenol with codeine… or plain old codeine that you may get after surgery?)

Created in 1932 as a pain killer and then dropped

Main ingredients include; Codeine, iodine, and red phosphorus. Nicknamed after the gray scaly skin you get at the injection site and the codeine derivative chlorocodide.

Utilizes crazy but ultimately easy to get ingredients: including organic solvents like paint thinner, gasoline, iodine, hydrochloric acid, lighter fluid and other ingredients like match tips. Yes the little red part of a wood match, that is red sulfur.

Called a fflesh-eatingdrug because it causes – well it causes your flesh to rot from gangrene, infected ulcers, infected injection sites look grey and scaly and will FALL OFF

Damage to the body occurs quickly. This is not a be a junkie for years and die drug. This is a use one or two times and there is damage drug. Necrosis ( that is your flesh rotting in layman’s terms) Vein damage, soft tissue damage, infection…

Has been slipped into use by heroin dealers who wanted a cheaper drug. Some heroin addicts get a hold of this stuff and the effects are horrific. Rarely do people actually voluntarily take krocodil on purpose the first time.

Damage is done to all parts of the body. Reports of necrosis and gangrene on the extremities and face, gums, legs… pretty much everywhere.

In 5 years, the amount of units available in the US, Russia, Ukraine, and UK went from 1000 to 65 million. It is affecting a lot of intravenous drug users because it is being swapped for the more expensive heroin.

It is addictive after the first use – I will repeat myself, it is addictive after the first use

Withdrawal symptoms happen after 1 to 2 hours, that means although it is cheaper than heroin, its usage or rather the addicts need to use it again is worse. This causes more damage.

Doctors say they only have about ten cases of people dying from it in the US. In Russia and the Ukraine, it has been popular for a longer time and there are thousands of deaths reported. The issue with this, well one of the issues, is that desomorphine itself is absorbed in the body. It can well be reported as a death from side effects of heroine, overdose of codeine, or any of the other chemicals used to manufacture it.

Doctors in Russia call it a zombie drug because due to its instantly addictive nature and the drug relatively short high, people on krokodil usually just go from high to high. With 1 t 2 hours between uses, they become like zombies (that and the damage to the endocrine system and brain)

Crazy stuff huh? Go hug your kid and come back, there is more.

“No it is not safe to go into the water. Jaws is still out there

  • Where krokodil makes people look and act like mindless zombies, Flakka makes them act like the crazy zombie movie, I want to eat your brains and make you stand there and watch, horror movie zombies.
  • Flakka is a cheap synthetic speed like drug called alpha -PVP, a synthetic cathione. It is also called bath salts Cloud 9, Scar face, Lunar wave, etc.
  • Flakka is more prevalent than krokodil and has been around the US for a little longer.
  • Flakka is a “party drug” it is popular at clubs and outings where a large group of people get together to have fun.

It is made primarily in China by about 150 different companies, these companies are constantly tweaking it, for different looks, textures, tastes, and outcomes.

It was originally derived from the active ingredients in a plant called Khat.  Khat was popular in Eastern Africa and the Middle east as a stimulant for nomadic people. They chewed the leaves and got extra energy to do whatever work they were doing (much like cocaine’s coca leaf was chewed to relieve pain)

However, the active ingredients were cheaper to synthesize and so after that the drug has taken on many forms. It can be snorted, injected, smoked, and just swallowed. In Florida there were some found at a local popular club that had been put in gummy worm looking candy.

As of January 2015, according to DEA research there are over 545 known forms of this drug, some of those forms are not illegal because they are so new. The government has to know about the drug to make it illegal, hence the amount of new and different ones coming into the USA every year.

The drug runs about 3 to 20 dollars a hit, depending on the venue and the audience. A rave with stupid High Schoolers? 3 dollars each, maybe 5 bucks would be the average cost. A party at a club were people are drinking 1000 dollar bottles of champagne and if you can get in, it costs maybe 20 to 100 dollars a hit. Not “illegal illegal” and you can sell it at huge profit? Of course foreign companies will crank it out like candy from a Pez dispenser.

There have been 1500 reported and confirmed cases of Flakka over doses in 2015. It is May people. That is too many. One is too many.

EMT specialist in Broward County Florida have seen so many cases that they carry ketamine injections to help people who are extremely high on Flakka. That is horse tranquilizers folks. They have to shoot people with horse tranquilizers.

Characteristics of a Flakka overdose: Think of those shows were people were high on PCP or LSD and were acting “crazy”. In detailed reports in Florida, people have been seen ripping their clothes off, running around naked, trying to jump off of buildings ( a lot of suicides may be drug overload) and, yes you guessed it BITING PEOPLE. If you think you are a dog, and you are a hyped, excused me. SUPER hyped up pitbull and someone gets it your way, well, you bite them. You bite them hard.

A girl, aged 17, in a rural area of central Midwest America agreed it would be fun to try the bath salts aka flakka, that her boyfriend bought back from his trip to New York interviewing for college. He got it at a rave party. They got a little drunk, smoked a little marijuana, and then added the Flakka figuring “hey what could it hurt? The guy at the party said it was some awesome S*^% !”  They were found fighting, bloody and naked by her dad. On close inspection, it was shown they were both high on something. The doctors at the hospital said they got off easy, they had not taken a fatal dose, but enough to really feel the extreme effects of the drug. The alcohol and marijuana actually caused them to use a bit less than normal. The girl showed signs of being bitten on the face and scalp. While still under the influence, when asked what was he thinking, the boy smiled and retorted, “I had mad munchies”

Zombies… enough said

What is the answer?

Make all drugs not prescribed by a doctor illegal?

It seems like the major beneficiaries of the drug trade will never get caught (i.e. those 150+ Chinese companies making the stuff that we know of)

What we need is better health education and drug treatment.

We need better mental health care for the general population.

We need to relearn that the answer to being sad or bored isn’t getting high.

I spoke to a friend who is a recovering heroin and cocaine addict with 3 years of sobriety. She was on heroin for 10 years. She functioned, but at some point she just went spiraling downward. The cocaine was to perk her up for those moments when the “heroin nod” was unacceptable. Heroin makes you groggy and really down but it feels good to the user at first. Then the point is to “chase the dragon” You will never get as high as you did the first time because your body has adapted to it. So the world is full of people trying to get as high as the first time. That is how cross addiction works and how people are introduced to new drugs. That is why there are so many newer drugs.

My friend told me she heard of Krokodil but was sober by the time it became an issue. She said it is super easy to mix it with heroin and give it to an addict as a “newer, stronger, dope” She laughed and said “There is no quality control. You are a fiend; you want your drug. Some stranger hands you a packet and says it will get you high – you are like great! Drug fiends are extremely stupid and extremely trusting. It’s kind of evil and brilliant. Instead of introducing a drug to people who are clean, just give the new cheap drug to folks already using. They are already willing to steal, turn tricks, kill, and do whatever to get their fix.” Now instead of that money going to the heroin dealer, it goes to whoever has a rudimentary knowledge of high school chemistry.

So how do you survive the zombie apocalypse? Make like Nancy Regan and just say no? Well, actually yes. And educate your kids, friends, and family on the specific dangers of drugs. Do it gently, people do not appreciate lectures. Do it with love and do it often (teens need to be told something 1600 times before it sinks in… don’t believe me? Ask your teen to do or not do something once. You are only 1599 repetitions from getting it accomplished) Most important “be an example” A lot of drugs is peer pressure for young and old, to do something stupid and dangerous that is perceived as fun. I am my groups resident wet blanket, designated driver, and harbinger of doom. I am ok with that. They will always know who doesn’t do drug abc and who to call if they need help and a lecture. I have attached some pictures of worse case scenarios from Krokodil, you can google Flakka and see the videos of people going crazy on that drug. When someone thinks to video, I always wonder did they call for help?


Have you ever tried Flakka or Krokodil? Can you tell me of your experience? I am at


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Love and Light,


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measles and the anti-immunization movement

Measles and the anti-immunization movement


photo (12)

Hello and GlobalMusic4 Life Fans! I hope this finds you in good spirits and somewhere comfy. Please share this blog with your friends and get back to me on your opinion on the topic. I imagine I shall be revisiting it soon.

“To be or not to be, that is the question” at least according to William Shakespeare or Thomas Middleton or whoever wrote that stuff. I have been researching measles and immunizations and the pros and cons for about a month now and I have come to the conclusion that there is no conclusion. Doctors, lawyers, parents, and more importantly, children, are all in the middle of this new but old controversy. Old because people have taken issue with giving people shots since people first got shots. New because of the small wave of measles cases popping up in America and in Western Europe in the last few years have pro vs anti shot folks boxing it out even louder.

They say “that which does not kill you makes you stronger”. (I don’t know who said it I will look it up in master quotes next library visit) The thing is, who wants to risks their life or their child’s life on a chance to be stronger? I certainly don’t. A lot of parents don’t. Who gets to decide what’s good for you? One of  the problems with a democracy, or republic or whatever it is we have… ok one of the problems with having a government controlled system is that what is good for the many dictates what’s done to the few.

If you don’t want to get chickenpox, you can get an immunization shot for the chickenpox. If you don’t want to get shingles because you have already had chickenpox, well there is a shot for that too. However, if you are worried about the side effects of the medicine, even if it is a one in a million chance of getting them, who has the right to force you to do it? Hmm let’s think about that.

Well I first started looking into measles about three months ago and put it off. Then a month ago, I decided to write about it. First I hit the usual suspect, the internet. Bastion of modern knowledge that it is, it didn’t give me all of the true information that I wanted.

Let’s make it clear, I am no doctor. I am not a journalist. I am a web blogger. However, I do like to give people good quality information, albeit kind of tongue in cheek. Therefore, I hit the local medical school libraries. I went to the University of Chicago, Rush University, and University of Illinois’ medical libraries.  Besides the whitepaper information on all things measles, I really enjoyed speaking with the locals.

Now these are intelligent folks. I am not speaking with high school drop outs and teens; I am speaking with doctors and nurses. These are the people in the frontline of this issue. Most of them were parents or at the minimum parents of the future.

I asked simply: Hey doc, do you believe in giving kids their shots, in immunizations? What are your thoughts on the whole measles scare thing? I left more confused than when I came in.

There were hushed tones, folks pulling me to the side, asking was I a journalists? Was I a government worker of some kind, did I work for Public Health or the CDC? Naw, I am just a blogger with an itch. I actually had to show some of them my blog in an effort to get them to take me “unseriously”. I wish I had my “I’m with the illuminati “ or “Homeland Security – the series”  t-shirts on. It would have set the mood.

Want to hear what they said? These are 1 percenters and the like? There was a 50 -50 vote. Yes, 50% of the doctors and health professionals I spoke with do not believe in shots. Shit! What the what? We can’t get 50% of the public to come out to vote! I do not like those numbers. They scare me. They burst my little pro – shot cocoon of happy thoughts.

Ok, here are my lists. My fans require it – all 100 of them so here you go.

Measles: Signs

  1. Red bumpy rash
  2. High fever
  3. Soreness in eyes
  4. Fatigue
  5. Often have ear infections
  6. Can lead to Pneumonia or even encephalitis


  1. 4-5 days before the rash
  2. 4-5 days after the rash
  3. Spread via touch, sharing of fluids, coughs, sneezes
  4. The virus can hang suspended in the air in droplets of phlegm or other body fluid for up to three hours

Gross! That means an infected person can sneeze and you come by and breathe in the germs an hour later —uggghhhh


It is kind of the stuff a good virus horror flick is made of

In Bosnia and Philippines over 17,000 cases since 2008*

*probably more, some folks did not report the disease

Outbreak at Disneyland in California!

Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY

Outbreak in the rich suburbs of Seattle WA

Outbreak in Berkeley, California

Outbreak among the Amish in Ohio

23 outbreaks in America in 2014 and we have almost hit the same numbers in 2015 and its only March!


Yes, I too can see the movie version. The innocent student from afar comes to America, gives the virus to everyone on the plane, everyone at her school, and suddenly it mutates and all heck breaks out.

I am making light of a very touchy subject I know. We use the word outbreak for only a few cases. I am talking less than 700 in the USA in 2014. However, measles is one of the most contagious diseases there is. And in 2000 America declared it a dead disease. Well, it is obviously a zombie disease because it is back and the cases are growing. So far we have 873 in America… for 2015, now some of those may be from 2014 that are newly reported, I do not know the real numbers.

So what to do? Back in its hay day, measles killed 1 in 1000 afflicted. Not a biggie out of 700 people, unless of course that one is your baby.  With modern medicine, the fatality rate would probably be even lower.

So again, who gets to decide? The government? A child’s parents? Who gets to say what you have to do with your body?

In several Ohio, California, and New York school districts, children were being sent home if they were not immunized and had proof. Does the government have the right to say get a shot or no tax payer funded free education for you! There are people who refuse to give their kids shots because of religious reasons. At what point does the kid get a right to say getting measles, mumps or rubella would totally suck, give me the shot? On the flip side, if your kid is immunized, should you worry about the sick child, after all, your kid can’t catch it – right? Hmmmm

Why do I ponder on this and why should you? Well because if you can read this, you are old enough to have gotten a host of shots by now. They start at 6 months? We take them all the way to graduate school. There have been studies saying they caused autism that have found to be flawed. However, there is a group of parents that would swear on a stack of bibles, and well, have, in court, that their kids were perfectly healthy until getting shots and then viola! They became autistic. I have always read that kids with autism are born with it and you may not notice it until you see they are developmentally delayed. However for parents who had perfectly healthy acting kids at 3, 4, 5 years old to suddenly have the kid become autistic, it does beg the question, what else could have done it?

And are you willing to risk your child’s life on whether or not it may or may not affect him or her?

It’s not like the TV isn’t flooded with commercials with law firms offering big bucks to folks whose lives were turned upside down by some medicine that was previously touted as safe.

So what side are you on? Who can you trust? What to do? There are a lot of folks who would rather risk getting a comparatively rare contagious disease over putting what they consider poison, or unkosher, or unholy, or just unnatural in their bodies or the bodies of their children.

I have spoken with Doctors who are for and against it. I even spoke with PH.D candidates in pharmaceutical chemistry. These are the folks who actually make this stuff up with the help of a host of bio geneticists and immunologists and etc. etc. They are on the fence as well. Some even falsify their kid’s records so they don’t have to get the shots.

It’s not just measles. There has been a movement to avoid all immunizations. Measles is the current hot topic. However there are people walking around who haven’t received shots for mumps, rubella, oral polio vaccinations, etc. There are groups of folks so adamantly against immunizations they home school. They go to court; they do whatever they can to avoid immunizations. It is not just poor or uneducated, it is rich and very educated, it the very religious, the conspiracy theorists, and just folks who are scared. They rather risk getting a deadly disease than take a shot.

One guy at the University of Chicago said it is like taking a pain medicine. Sure it may relieve the pain. However, if you believe the pain will go away eventually anyway and you could bear it, why risk all of the side effects of the pain meds. I had to think on that. As a chronic pain sufferer for years, I have often opted for the pain. Sounds goofy huh? However if I know once I get home and put heat on my back and sit for a while the pain will subside, I chose not to dope up with medicine that clouds my thinking, impairs my driving, and makes me nauseous.

I only go there when the pain is blinding. Do we want to wait until the pain from preventable disease is so outrageous that we all run and get boosters and shots for the kids? Pain is like art it is subjective. But does a parent have a right to tell little Jimmy its ok if you may be laid up with this disease and miserable, I chose to make you risk it? Does the government have the right to rally to little Jimmy’s side and say we are now mom and dad get the shot? Are we all really little Jimmy in that there is something out there bigger than us, with power over us, that can make life changing decisions for us with no real say from us at all? We can’t all live off the grid in the middle of nowhere and avoid everyone and everything, we live in a society. That society, in many ways, controls us.

Scary stuff huh? Children and their health is no laughing matter. Adults get these illnesses too.  Most folks born before 57 are thought to have natural immunity to measles and unless they work in specific trades, may not have been inoculated. If their grand kid comes home with a contagious disease he may recover, their chances are slimmer.

So for me, I will get my shots. If I get to go overseas again I am getting shots for everything. I will take my chances. I do not want malaria, African sleeping sickness, or anything else I can possibly avoid.

I also don’t want to be on a plane, at work, anywhere – with folks who may have preventable illnesses. Immunizations are not 100%. Sorry they are not. They are more like 95% especially if the bottles weren’t kept at optimal temperature during travel or your immune system is suppressed.  It’s like using a condom. Ok you may get something bad anyway, stuff happens. However you are asking for trouble without one. I would rather we are all walking around 95% covered which lessens everyone’s chance of that 5% kicking you in the butt. Someone 0% covered is a recipe for trouble. And yes, you have a right to your body. And, no it is not fair for me to get a vote. However, unless you have the cash to buy a house in the middle of nowhere, 100% off the grid, (which is impossible in America, even the guys in the Alaskan wilds got clothes and buckets and mail on occasion), you do not have the right to put others at risk.

Don’t curse me out. It is just my opinion. I am perfectly willing to greenlight research on the efficacy and side effects of all immunization drugs. I don’t believe they are 100% safe or effective but they are what we have. Aspirin and water have side effects. Peanuts can send the wrong person to the grave. We have to use what we have at the moment and work hard to make it better.

What is your take on immunizations? Yes or No and why? It can be anonymous… Tell me about it, I am at


Be healthy be happy be there for each other,

Love and Light,


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That feeling… like someone kicked you in the back?

That feeling, like someone kicked you in the back?2015-02-01 00-43-23.256

It may be kidney stones. Kidney stones can be a minor little nuisance or a major problem requiring surgery. It depends on the size and location of the stone, the health of the individual, and how quick the problem is caught.

Your kidneys are awesome

When you think about your kidneys you generally think of two things: protect them in a fight and well… urine. The kidneys are so much more.

  1. Kidneys filter waste from blood – the blood not the water you drink, not directly
  2. They create urine ( I know you know but it’s on my list so I had to say it)
  3. They help regulate calcium metabolism
  4. They help regulate electrolyte metabolism
  5. Kidneys help regulate salt
  6. Kidneys help regulate potassium
  7. Kidneys help with the body’s acid balance
  8. Kidneys create chemicals that stimulate red blood cell production which helps regulate blood pressure

So as you see, kidneys have a lot of work to do. Yes you can live with one really healthy one but two are best. I say don’t mess with the architect’s design but I would also hand one over to my sister or brother readily.

Kidney Stones

Are fun! –Ok I am being silly. I apologize to anyone who has ever had them. They are painful and “passing a kidney stone” is the closest many men will ever get to the pain of childbirth. They develop from an overload of salts and minerals in the kidneys.


  1. Hereditary risk factors – no one knows the gene per se but they do run in families often
  2. Low water intake, dehydration
  3. High salt and mineral intake … the jury is still out in regards to calcium over load but when the liquid ( water) and the minerals do not have the right balance, crystals form resulting in stones
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Obesity ( a risk factor more than a cause like HBP)
  6. Excessive protein diets
  7. For some, high Oxalate foods like : Chocolate, tea, dark leafy greens, oranges, tofu, instant coffee, sweet potatoes, blue berries, blackberries, These are healthy foods but there is a certain group of people who need to be more careful in over doing them. Remember, everything in moderation so the body can regulate it. No berries only diet or anything outrageous like that. If kidney stones run in your family, ask your doctor about a blood test that can see if you have a high amount of the precursors in your blood.


  1. Pain in abdominal area, lower back and sides of back ( see doctor that is a sign for several serious illnesses)
  2. Pain in groin
  3. Frequent or painful urination
  4. Bloody urine
  5. Vomiting and nausea ( usually accompanied by pain in groin or back)

Kidney stones can be as small as a small piece of salt ( which still hurts by the way) to the size of golf ball ( extreme case) They are usually just a few millimeters  or less and even then may require surgical procedure to remove.


  1. Sometimes the doctor just makes you increase you fluid intake to wash them out, maybe with muscle relaxers ( for ureters the tubes where urine leaves the kidneys) and pain meds
  2. Sometimes the doctor can go up the ureter ( I will not be graphic) and use a tool to grab the small stones
  3. Surgery through small incisions in the back
  4. Extracorporeal Shock wave therapy – shock waves!!! It sounds cool as heck but it can leave bruises, cause internal bleeding, and really hurt

So if you have the signs, go in for a checkup. Ask your family has anyone in the family had kidney stones and let your doctor know. The doctor may do a CT scan, X-ray, or ultrasound to see the stones. They may also do urinalysis and blood analysis to see the mineral content of your body. These tests are simple and for the most part not very invasive. The quicker you see why that pain is with you the better off you will be.

Have you ever had a kidney stone? What happened? Let me know!

I am at

Love and Light



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Be nice to tiny friends….


Be nice to tiny friends

-No not your best buddy who is only 5 ft tall. I am thinking about all of the lovely little organisms living in your body who help you!

“The Probiotic bandwagon”

Hello fellow GlobalMusic4 Life fans! With all of this talk about the Ebola virus, I thought I would briefly chat about little friends who help us! Probiotics are the latest trend in the foodie world. Jamie Lee Curtis will have you thinking that a serving of activia will make you stop passing gas and poop with all of the regularity of the routine of those spiffy British guards in front of the Queen of England’s main house. That is not really the case.

Probiotics are microorganisms that live in the stomach or gut / intestine of us humans. They are naturally occurring and also found in food and dietary supplements. One study suggested that there were over 480 bacteria strains in the human body that help us digest our food. ( That’s a lot of “mouths “ to feed!) Prebiotics are food that these fun little fellows like to munch on.

Disclaimer: This is a blog and I am not a doctor, if you are suffering please visit a doctor!

How Probiotics Help (allegedly, studies are still being done, but of course that does not stop us from marketing their benefits!)

  1. Believed to help immune system
  2. Keep balance in system, imbalance from antibiotic over use can lead to diarrhea
  3. Assist in digesting food
  4. Help keep the walls of one’s intestine strong
  5. Help to fight medical conditions:
    1. Diarrhea
    2. Colitis
    3. Pouchitis
    4. Allergy induced eczema
    5. Fight irritable bowel syndrome
    6. Fight vaginitis

How Probiotics may hinder: They may be bad for people with weakened immune systems; even to the point in leading to higher incidents of death among pancreatitis victims… this is considered rare.

Ok, so we love probiotics! What are their favorite foods, aka prebiotics? What foods have probiotics in them? Some scientists say we should take both at the same time. That is to say: take the food that contains the little friends of man and eat the food they like so they will grow and multiply.

Probiotics sources include:

  1. Supplements
  2. Food enriched with supplements
  3. Greek yogurt
  4. Sauerkraut
  5. Miso
  6. Certain cheeses like gouda
  7. Kefir
  8. Acidophilus milk
  9. Naturally fermented pickled food
  10. Tempeh

Prebiotics may include:

  1. Asparagus
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Red wine
  4. Honey
  5. Maple syrup
  6. Legumes
  7. Bananas


Well those little guys like the good stuff huh? It makes me want to ask “Anyone for wine and cheese?” Studies that involved people with certain diets and how those diets affected their health have shown that probiotics are helpful to the body. People in countries or regions where yogurt is consumed seem to have fewer issues with certain infections and diarrhea. Whatever the case may be, a little yogurt wouldn’t help. ( I wonder does frozen yogurt count, hmm) Make sure you run any pills or supplements past your doctor but a little banana and honey in some Greek yogurt sounds like a good thing to me.

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