UTI’s : Simple information to combat urinary tract infections

UTI: Urinary Tract Infections, when to seek help

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Urinary tract infections are very common, especially in women. Most women will get one or two in their lifetime. It isn’t from being unhygienic or from menstruation. It is from bacteria getting into the urinary tract and causing problems. The male urinary tract is longer so there is more of a journey for the bacteria to get to the bladder than in women but men can get them too. Sorry folks, since the urethra is so close by the vaginal canal, you can catch them via sexual contact. Although technically they are not listed as a sexually transmitted disease, sex spreads bacteria from one friendly person to another.

So when should go seek help? Are you a doctor? No? Well then go seek help if you notice the symptoms.

Sometimes it clears up but do not depend on that. An UTI can lead to a kidney infection and that is making a bad matter worse when you could have just went and took a little pill one to four times a day and cleared it up in a small amount of time. Some patients report relief from symptoms in as little as 24 hours.

Here are the symptoms:

  • Painful urination
  • Frequent urination ( what is frequent? More than what is usual for you.)
  • Strong urine odor (um make sure you are drinking enough water too)
  • Cloudy look to urine
  • Bloody urine (hmmm when one is not experiencing menses)

Ok those are simple enough right? You can now self-diagnose! Wrong.

These symptoms can mean other things as well: Vaginitis, overactive bladder OAB, an allergy to product used in genital area, kidney stones, or rare case of bladder cancer or tumor. How can you tell the difference? A simple test done by your doctor is the key.

What helps?

Cranberry juice: Ok, not officially a cure but it helps. This is especially the case for chronic sufferers. The sulfuric acid I cranberry juice attacks the cell walls of bacteria in the bladder and helps clear them out into the urine. 100% pure cranberry juice is the key, not the sugary, watered down, cocktails.

Herbs: There are also a variety of herbs like green tea, Oregon grape, horsetail , and goldenseal that are supposed to help. You still need to see a doctor but natural preventatives, as long as they do not clash with any prescription medication, are always nice to consider.

Medicine: A simple oral antibiotic from your doctor

What do you do for UTI’s? Let me know! I am at MsMelissa@melissaweblog.com



Ok did I wear out the U word? If so, I am sorry. However if most women will get this 2 times in their lives, it is an important topic to cover. It is important that we keep informed about what is going on with our bodies. With the internet, we have a huge library of information. One has to be careful and get the information from reliable sources. The internet is not a bible, no one says it is all truth.

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