Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy Holidays Merry Christmas Happy New Years!!!!hiya

Ba humbug! I am going to my sister’s home for Christmas dinner. The running joke is its funny because she is Buddhist, but hey her kid likes it and let’s face it little Miss has developed into a really good cook.

And she is into all the homemade, organic, do it from scratch stuff. It’s like once a year my mom comes to life and hooks me up. Well not this year; not exactly.

Hello GlobalMusic4 Life fans! Hope the weather is nice where you are at. Last time I looked it was snowing in Hawaii and warm in Chicago. (Come on, that’s a little funny, you just know there is some pissed off Midwestern family there saying What the *&^%%^&*!)

This year I start year two of my “healthy lifestyle” That is code for diet. I fell of the wagon because I am kind of a scrooge at holidays but I am back on track now. I get moody and it’s also the time of year were I pinch pennies in anticipation to tax season. Add a broken romance, crazy clients, slow paying clients (I would rather have a crazy one who paid on time) and lack of clients; I was full of self-pity and holiday goodies. I did not do horrifically, but I had moments.

I am back on track now. Later on today I will go somewhere with succulent roasted fresh ham (no salt or water pumped in, organic as a pig can be) turkey that is juicier than any I have seen since, well my mom, and all of the accoutrements that come with Christmas supper. Greens, corn bread, hot fresh rolls (Pillsbury is for punks! Hers are homemade) And then there is dressing, peas and rice, beans and spicy rice, cheese with a little macaroni, cake, pies, uggggh…… excuse me I need a moment.

Ok, here is the game plan. Maybe it will help you too. I get a big plate!  Whoa that is against the rules! I am a rebel, bite me weight watchers and Jenny Craig, I want a big plate. However, ¾ of the plate is salad and greens no meat, ¼ is turkey and a taste of ham, macaroni and cheese, and raw onions and tomato salad in apple cider vinegar. No dressing, bread, fried anything, and no second chances. I drink a glass of water before I start, I think I’ll have a glass of water with a splash of orange juice with my meal. One bite of food equals one sip of water.

Yes there will be dessert. Chocolate rum balls are rum and chocolate infused chocolate cake dipped in magic shell chocolate. I am not into liquor so one slowly enjoyed with water or hot tea no sugar will be cool. It is about ¼ the size of a cupcake, but I am not kidding myself the rum and chocolate are very naughty!

The key is to not indulge in the fattening stuff. Enjoy the people, Drink water like your life depends on it and eat super slowly. It is ok to say no more. It is ok to not “clean your plate” The poor kids of the world will not be fed if I stop myself from pigging out.

Even with my holding back from all the goodies I want, I am still going to be over my calories for the day. So the plan is to go home at a reasonable time. No late night, I work tomorrow. Plus I want to get up early, have some oatmeal or a protein bar and then hit the gym. I may have it all to myself but I know I am a lazy lima bean and I have to just wake up and go. If I start work on my computer or go to making calls or do anything else I will look up and the day will be gone.

I also plan to burn a few calories by embarrassing my nephew by boogie dancing, albeit very poorly, for a few hours in the front. Dancing, water, sleep, exercise: that’s how I will stay on track. How are you going to stay on track? Or will you say bump it; I will diet on the 1st? Ok please don’t do that, you can gain 5 pounds between Christmas and New Year’s. The leftover turkey dressing cranberry sauce sandwiches with mashed potato chaser left overs are dangerous.  Not to mention the goodies that are left over and stuff that folks bought.

So instead of wine or cookies or my rum balls, I am bringing an extra table and chairs! I just pray she don’t kick me out before I taste the ham. I just saying…

Tell me about your Christmas! I am at


Love and Light!


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