Fight Cholesterol

Foods that help you fight cholesterol

Ok, you have to eat healthy across the board but these supposedly help. Ask you doctor on your next checkup.

We all know someone who has been told they have high cholesterol. It is often overweight people but news flash visually healthy looking folks get Hypercholesterolemia. Hypercholesterolemia is a disease caused by your family genes and your diet.

High cholesterol affects everything. Why everything? It affects the flow of blood because it clogs your arteries. That causes high blood pressure, which can leave to a heart attack.


Can you avoid it? Maybe. What you can do is live a healthier lifestyle and chose your food better.

These foods are said to help:

Garlic: Yes your Italian granny was right it is good for so many ails

Spinach: Green veggie that you can eat raw…

Green tea: Apparently there is a reason why people in certain areas of the world live to be super elderly, its good stuff

Soy: Ok be careful, some people overdo this… it helps with female hormone replacement and some ladies don’t need that added effect. It is a meat substitute so yes a soy burger instead of a greasy burger helps your diet.

Beans: Soluble fiber, high protein

Avocados: Good oil !

Salmon; Great protein and another food rich in “good oil” I believe they are referred to as Omega 3 fatty acids. Hey look it up, I am no scientist! The best is wild caught salmon. For those days when a tofu burger will make you pop, here is a fish that is meaty and tasty.

2 types of margarine: “take control and benecol” have ingredients to help lower cholesterol. Hmmm I think I rather have some salmon and spinach with a green tea chaser. However if you must have a butter substitute and you are worried about your cholesterol levels – go for it.

Dark Chocolate: It is chocolate and good for you! Enough said!


Talk to your doctor and get your cholesterol levels checked out annually, 2 times a year if you have a family history of high cholesterol. If you have it, do not freak out. More exercise and a healthy diet, along with new medicine will work in concert to help you.

Know anyone with high cholesterol? Have you fought the battle against cholesterol and won?

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