Let me clear my throat….

Let Me Clear My Throat…fam house fun 010

Who sang that in a song?

It was an old school rap.

Ok I will look it up later.

It is cold and flu season and hooray! I haven’t gotten sick yet but between my vitamin c and teas and oranges and zinc… I should be covered. Are you? What are you doing to protect yourself? I hate being on the train because everyone around me is coughing. They did not get the memo where you cough in the crook of your arm and not in your hands. You know the hands that touch everything on public anything? I am not a germaphobe, but geesh.

Let’s chat about coughs. Yes I know you are an expert but hey, since we are both here.

Issue number one. What causes you to cough? If you said cooties, you are only partially right.

The biggest contributors are:

  1. Smoking cigarettes
  2. COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ( oddly enough a lot of these folks smoke)
    1. Including emphysema
    2. Chronic bronchitis
  3. Acid reflux
  4. Flu and Common Cold ( viruses not bacteria)
  5. Sore throat, chest infection ( can be viral or bacterial)


All of these warrant a trip to the doctor. However if you have a little cough due to, let’s say shoveling snow without a scarf for 2 hours. You can do a little home therapy before sliding down to the local internist.


Issue two… what to do or use before getting the hard stuff ( pharmaceuticals)

  1. Cover throat with warm towel and sit down and relax
  2. Cover nose and mouth with warm and moist towel and breath in warm moist air
  3. Warm , not hot, green or herb tea with a tablespoon of brandy, rum, or whisky no milk
  4. Vicks vapor rub on your neck, chest, and under your nose with warm clothes on
  5. A cool humidifier is good after maybe a little steam ( face over sink of hot water cover head with towel for five minutes, breath in deeply, a little eucalyptus leaf and mint leaf in there is awesome, but Vick’s vapor rub is handy in a pinch)
  6. No milk or milk products, many say they help produce mucous
  7. No or very little sugar or starchy foods, warm tea, broth, a little lean meat for protein
  8. Warm water with lemon and orange peels in it (unless your throat is sore then ouch…)
  9. Fresh ginger and peppermint in hot water, made like a tea with the cover over it for five minutes to release the natural oils into the water
  10. Licorice root tea
  11. Spoonful or raw, organic honey
  12. Thyme infused herbal tea
  13. Honey, pepper, in mint tea ( I haven’t tried this… drinking pepper? Hmm only fresh cracked 1 tsp to four cups but still)
  14. Turmeric, warm water and honey


A cough that hurts your chest when you cough and one that last more than a day or can’t be calmed within a few hours is cause for concern. I always say check with the doctor first and if she says it’s just a cold then look up home remedies. Most of these you have to go to a natural foods store to find but raw organic honey, lemons, turmeric, Vick’s vapor rub, and green tea are all over.

If you want more specific information on natural remedies, speak with a naturopath or herbalist. They can tell you what the proper “recipes” are for the various natural home remedies are.


Issue Three: Prevent problems


The best defense is a good offense. (Sorry that last Super Bowl has me whacky) Prepare for the worst. Just like you buy salt before the snow, get a few remedies and home health aides before you need them.

A vaporizer, cool or warm, is good. Bottled water is a good idea if you tap is funky, while vitamin C and Zinc lozenges are tasty and handy and come in sugar free. Just make you a list of stuff to just put in the house. Nothing elaborate or expensive is needed. You know if you have kids and they walk to school in the snow, to have cold and flu medicine and herbs ready.


One should also dress properly for the weather in layers, cotton or material designed to wick sweat away from the skin on the layer nearest the body is recommended. Ok and you should try hard to not smoke or at least not smoke in the house. The kids and the animals don’t want to suck in that poison. Yes, children do get infections from second hand smoke. And eat healthy food high in nutrients so that your body has the energy to fight off diseases. These are all basic no nonsense things you need to do.


Ok I found the song, it was by DJ Kool and Biz Markie with Dougie Fresh, can’t get it out of my head



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What do you do to avoid a cough and cold in the winter? Any remedies I need to know about?

Let me know!

I am at MsMelissa@melissaweblog.com

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