Tummy trouble

It is great to have no appetite. However, it is not great to not be able to eat. Chicken in any form makes me gag. I can not tolerate watermelon yet because it is very fibrous. We all think that it is just water but no… there are a lot of fibers and structures to that wonderful plant. I had the same problem with cabbage. So basically my diet consists of tuna – which I am so sick of, and smoothies. I like the taste in general of the smoothies but there is a bit of an after taste. Plus the only thing I can eat every day without complaint is chocolate. I found some sugar free chocolate at Whole Foods and had a bit. It tasted different than I remembered. So bariatric surgery took away my tummy, taste buds and ability to hold down 99% of what I like to eat. Damn, they took away chicken, watermelon, and chocolate? What is a girl to do!

Hopefully, it will get better. I keep under 800 calories while trying to get in 100g of protein. That is hard when everything likes to come up. Protein drinks to the rescue! Many do not think of the psychological effects of not having your crutch handy. It’s not a big problem with me.

I just wish I had a hubby to take my stress out on. ( wink)

How are you holding it down? Let me know!

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