“Who ya with?”

Ok, I am quoting beloved comic Bernie Mack. Today I went to a Team Kamala meeting. It was interesting. I am a writer and an avid talker. I am also a bit shy. It was fascinating to sit back and take notice of all of the personalities. They did a little test and I came out as a team leader. Oddly enough that sounds about right. I like to take charge and have people move in one direction toward a goal. Too many leaders, or want to be leaders, can spoil a group. Some were trying really hard to be seen. Others rarely said anything at all. ( me) I have no problem following directions if we are going to get things done.

I enjoyed the meeting altogether. I prefer a super organizational style in meetings but they were enthusiastic and eager to help in their own way. It has been a while since I did volunteer work so I am gently dipping my toes in. I will try calling folks and getting signatures. I also want to gather people in my neighborhood to help canvas and maybe go to the Iowa caucus. The most important thing is 1. I care and 2. I am willing to actually do something.

So I am with Kamala Harris. Who are you with? Feel free to share.