Bariatric Surgery and Me

Yes, me. I was always a tall girl. The fat girl and the funny girl. Husky, woman sized, queen-sized, and etc. described me. They still do. However, now I can also be described as hard working, determined, thoughtful, considerate and patient. I refuse to let my size rule over me. At one point I was scared to have weight loss surgery. Actually, it was more than a thousand points. Every time I binged I felt bad. I binged often. Sometimes by eating a big bowl of fruit. Other times, the binge was a bag of Oreos or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s or my latest love: Talenti gelato. ( when fattening ice cream is not enough).

Now, I have had the surgery. I had it for my ” birthday” so for weeks leading up to it and even now, eating is more of a chore than a luxurious pleasure. It was worth it. I shot up to 426lbs before my wedding at 40 years old. I got down to 326 through eating well and exercise for 2 years only to have it shoot up to 379 after a divorce.

Emotional eater? Yes. But with this new stomach, my emotions will land me in the bathroom barfing or pooping the day away. Therapy helps me deal with feelings that food used to cover up.

I call my stomach ” She who must be obeyed” after the wife of a tv character. She was nice but firm with her husband. She did things in his best interest and he never appreciated it. She said no smoking, drinking, eating bad foods, and told him to exercise. He didn’t. He was fat and did not care.

I care. I care about me and I care about you. So I will be using this forum to discuss weight loss and bariatric surgery. I want to discuss life and love after losing a lot of weight. We can share recipes, behavior coping mechanisms, how to battle depression and anxiety after surgery ( heck and before surgery too! That was rough) I want to put in some activities to do so you can keep active, up and walking, toning, and becoming the happier you.

Yeah, we can discuss the problems too. No icky pics to scare you here, maybe on a different page. I started this journey as a big teenager and it is now time to take it to the next level. Please come join me.

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