The Rona

What are you doing to keep safe? Are you in the group that thinks the virus is over publicized for political maneuvering or are you terrified of getting it? I am in the middle. I wear a mask and gloves when I am out and about but I know that in reality, I can never be 100% germ-free. I have 2 boarders who work and can not stay at home with me. They don’t wear a mask, and one doesn’t wear gloves usually and I imagine when he does he doesnt change them as required. So I am in the hope and pray and disinfect my home where I can category. I wear a mask or kercheif and gloves. I carry a little bottle of hand sanitizer. I keep my dirty mask and gloves in a bag in my car. I try not to go shopping more than once a week. Again, I am not sure that there is a point when others bring in germs.

I do not wash my groceries off, keep mail for 3 days without opening it ( just open and then wash my hands), and I do keep to myself mostly.

I need to do more research. I need to get more masks. I need more answers. I like alone time but 23 hours a day is bothersome. I chat with my brothers for a hot second and keep my distance from them for the most part. I appreciate the nurses and doctors who stay away from home so they would not carry germs to their kids and susceptible family members.

Conspiracy theories: Hmmmm I am on the fence. I do see a lot of politicians getting extra bits of power in our time of disaster. Mitch M is trying to get young republican conservatives all over the supreme appellate court, Mayors and governors are vying for extra powers that are not normally due to them. A lot of old and sick are dying in nursing homes. It is a mix of things that are both political and social.

Sorry, I have no answers. I just have questions – a lot of questions. Who do I ask? I prefer scientist who are independent of the government. Is there really such an entity? Most research institutes and hospitals get government funding.

I’ll read more and research more and come back to you with more. If you know something – as fact, facebook and fox and nytimes … umm no, do YOU know something. Please share with the class as we are all trying to learn and state your source. I may want to quote you.


What are some facts about the Corona 19 virus that we all need to know?

What can we do to keep SAFER. ( There is no safe unless you’re really out there on your own with no human contact ever)

How is the corona virus impacting the political sphere? Is it a rally cry for extremist or conservatives or folks in the middle. Does it show how ill prepared the world is for health crises? Is it causing or allowing political leaders to take advantage of their positions for financial and political gain?

What will post corona virus world be like? I used to stare at Chinese people on the news wearing mask because of bad air quality days. No we all need too. Will small businesses go under in droves because the SMB monies went to large companies to benefit banks collecting larger fees for larger loans?

What are your good questions? Do you have any good honest answers? Lets talk.

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