Weightloss in the time of Corona19

Cheese and Crackers! No, not cheese and crackers, protein and water. Today is September 18 and I am so sick of hearing about the same three topics. Corona Virus, people not doing the census, and the election. I need something new, something good, something positive.

Well since my weight loss surgery, I have loss about 120lbs. Score! However, since Mz. C has kept me under lock and key 90% of the time I have been on a stall for months. My best friend and I created a travel club. Yes, at a time when no one is traveling. We know folks will wild out once the pandemic has died down. Our first trip was to Mackinac Island, Michigan. No cars just horses and bikes.

I lost 9 lbs in 4 days. All I did was drink water, walk and bike.

And I ate food food. Just way less than my old normal. Stuff like 1/3 a hamburger and water vs a whole burger and fried potatoes and shake and soda and dessert. Yes, I am big for a reason. No babies to blame. I just have a new eating style now thank to my new tool. I had a piece or two of fudge and sent the rest home to my nephews. It was not as good as I remembered but also, rich sugar fatty foods no longer agree with my tummy.

Did I mention 9 lbs in 4 days? That alone was worth the 7 hour drive from Chicago. We will go again.

So my bariatric friends want to be informed and others want to be a bit nosey so here are my stats… I am forever a work in progress.

Heaviest weight 426lbs : My wedding day

Surgery weight 3:55 July 30 2019 my 51st birthday present, what a gift!

Current weight 225 ish, depends on what I am wearing have I used the bath room, if my hair is wet, etc etc

Goal weight: 170 ish after skin removal and boob job and tummy tuck so I am progressing.

Being alone a lot and in the house makes it difficult not to eat “sliders” . That is fattening food that doesnt make you sick. I can slowly eat 1/4 a lb of meat over a 40 minute period and not get sick. However, I can eat chips with mad abandon. Oh, I’ll pay, in the end from the end …. but I am at home all day so who cares?

Well I do. I love my fb groups who whine and complain and brag to each other. It is good to vent. My new goal now that my gym has reopened is to do 10 miles on a bike in a day. It is hard but I already know I can do it. It has been done. Heck I was even on a horse for an hour!

I am limiting what I buy at the store so that is good. No snacks in house but fruit and fruit affiliates like sugar free jello. Ok and cheese and low fat crackers.

Weight loss is possible in the time of Corona… now lets work on love… up next, “Cuffing Season in the time of Corona”, that may be fun.