Celebrating 200lbs weight loss

I recently went on a trip to Mackinac Island where I celebrated losing 200lbs from my heaviest weight. I still have a way to go but dang, that is like losing a grown man. We biked around, rode horseback, and walked eveywhere. Since losing a lot weight I feel so much better it makes me want to cry. I lost 100lbs before the weight loss surgery but I had gained some back after a divorce.

I decided to say f it all and have a duodenal switch. Basically I felt like I was gutted like a fish. It is a very difficult and often painful process. It is hard mentally and physically. No, it is not the easy way out. It is a tool to use when nothing else worked. People gain weight after weight loss surgery but I will try to keep active, get my butt back into the gym more and eat healthy small portions of food. Corona threw me for a loop and I had plateaued for months. Food that I had avoided, I found I could eat. We call them sliders. They usually give you gas or cramps or screaming diarrhea but not always. I have to be careful.

I am back on meat. My hair has thinned and I got most of it chopped. I make sure to eat enough protein per day and all of the nutritional supplements I have to take forever. I still feel it was worth it. 426 to 220… long journey. Size 32 tall to size 18, wow. I can fit my friends size 16 stretchy denims. I am amazed.