Living my best life in the time or ‘Rona

the flowers of Mackinac Island are so pretty

I am trying to get off my butt more and exercise! Yoga, stretching, bike, weights, I am down for whatever. I am also keeping up with my food diary. I do 1200 calories a day ( I always go over, it is so easy) however I try to combat any calorie overages with exercises. I do not always make it. I don’t beat myself up anymore. I am in a marathon not a sprint.

My next goal is to go from 224 to 170. When I hit 190 I am going to look for the best way to get post weight loss surgery. I look like a deflated balloon. I am 52 and I did not bounce back like my younger friends. I want a booby job, a butt lift and a 360 lipo and tummy tuck procedure. OVERSHARE this weight loss took away my boobs and butt. I want a doc to suck out the remining fat and give it to the old t and a. I know there are exercises to firm up the behind that’s great but firm and flat… not for me. My ultimate goal is to look great in swim suit. No, I’ll never be Angela Basset but just the best Melissa I can be.

Guess I need to figure out how to pay for that huh? I am working on it. I have a plan.