Siting in chair 12 hours a day is not good! Set timer ( Hey siri or Alexa works great) and every 45 minutes get up and stretch and jog in place. Bad knees? I hear you! March in place! I have some weights on my office desk and I pump up a little while talking on the phone. 1-5 lbs are good, we do not want to e sore, we are just trying to burn a few calories and stretch.

I am going back to swimming. I found that it provided the least painful and most fun exercise, no ack or knee issues. I go to the YMCA so it is not a beauty contest, we are all regular ladies trying to be healthier. I am having issues with eating. I love garbage and it hates me. I feel like an abused junkie sometimes. I know on an intellectual level what to do and not to do. However, that primal, inner, impulsive, voice inside of me hungers for chocolate and ice cream. My great nemesis. After losing 200lbs I have gained 20 via COVID and because of the easy access to junk.

The answer is: A little at a time. Exercise 3x a day for short hyped up periods. Move often. I can start work at 4 AM and look up and its dark again. I will set a 45 minute reminder to move. For food, everything in small moderation. Almond milk instead of dairy, take calcium and vitamin D supplements, is one of my tricks to save calories. Open faced sandwich with good quality rye or wheat bread or – HA HA! lettuce wraps, are another way to cut calories.

Although I have no illusions to looking like a Halle Berry, I can work on being a beautiful Queen Latifah and that would suit me just fine.

What are you doing to get back into shape after the COVID season… winter time is no time to stay in. Bored? Nothing to do? Go shovel an elderly neighbors walk when it snows. Grab a grocery cart and walk the few blocks to the store ( umm if the walk is safe and pleasant). I may go skiing again… I want to try horse back riding, sledding, and snow mobiling. Skiing is not for me but I tried.